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X-Plane 10 Europe edition by at Aerosoft

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Aerosoft will be the official X-Plane distributors for X-Plane in Europe and here is their introduction.

X-Plane 10 is the latest version of a nearly 20 year series of high realistic simulators. At its core is a virtual wind tunnel that creates the most realistic flight modeling available on a desktop. As all versions before it is an incredible flexible and extendable simulator. With thousands of compatible add-on`s there is no kind of flying craft that is not simulated and a whole world to explore.

X-Plane 10 features a totally new scenery engine for all three platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) that include a uniform lighting system that lights a ‘plausible world’. This plausible world is a new style of virtual landscape that revolutionizes simulation. Created from many real world databases you will see almost all roads and build up areas exactly as they are around you.

The version sold by Aerosoft is a special European version that includes some additional scenery. We included high detail scenery for Nice (LFMN), Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) and Faro (LPFR) and have added many buildings to London-Heathrow (EGLL), Paris Orly (LFPO), Frankfurt (EDDF) and Zurich (LSZH). The default Autogen scenery is also slightly adapted to give a better impression of European landscapes. Additionally many of the Mega Airport products will be available at a reduced for owners of the FS2004 or FSX versions.

Of course the version bought from us will be the latest version that includes all updates that will be available at the moment of shipping and will include a printed manual, 8 double layer DVD’s and a luxury metal box. We will also be shipping a version on hard disk in 2012 but the current shortage of affordable hard disks has put that project on hold for the moment. X-Plane will be available early next year from Aerosoft.com.

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Just some thoughts:

1. "Open the box! Nah, take the money..."

2. Buy X-Plane 10 and get a free hard disk...

3. Free upgrade of FS9/FSX mega aiports when you purchase X-Plane 10...

Sorry, do I sound cynical or is this a bit of a hard sell? And this from a company that says the Huey doesn't suffer from vortex ring (Shuddup! - Ed)

(Shuffles quietly off)

Cheers - Dai...

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