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Phoenix Simulation Re-Born?

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They are indeed reforming as Black Box Simulations - the website is just starting to get going - FAQ's and Support up - www.blackboxsimulations.com

Ehm.. all I got on that link was a white page with the text

Blackbox Simulations - bringing you the strangest of worlds

and nothing more...

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Long and interesting thread there with a lot of history I wasn't aware of. Most are welcoming them back and seem willing to forgive their former sins and assume they will do better this time. A few seem intent on boiling them in oil.


I only have one of their products for FS9, the Dash 8 300 Professional, and it's pretty darned good.



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Thanks John

Worked much better, and removing the trailing "s" from "blackboxsimulations" in Kierans link led to something with a bit more content too...

alas, not something for me at the moment considering I'm FSX only..

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