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Aerosoft announce X-Plane 10 US Community Edition release before Christmas

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From Mathijs at Aerosoft:

Aerosoft has been pleasantly surprised about the demand from customers for an X-Plane 10 that includes some of the work we are doing internally. So we have decided to create an intermediate limited edition and to deliver that to customers before Christmas. It will not be a full production run and we’ll only have limited supply so if you like this version make sure you order as soon as possible. Part of the production will be shipped to our retail partners so you might see it in the shops as well.

With several versions of X-Plane 10 it might sound a bit complex but it really is not. Let us explain:

* Released early December: X-Plane 10 directly by Laminar Research

* Release before Christmas: X-Plane 10: US Community Edition by Aerosoft. This will be the complete X-Plane 10, fully updated, enhanced with three high detailed European airports (Nice,Paderborn and Faro), three medium density airports and some more low density airports. This version will be in English and German and will come in a deluxe metal box. The price for this version will be € 69.95 (inc VAT) and can be ordered from our online store. If you wonder, we call this the US Community because the demand came mostly from that side.

* Release early next year: X-Plane 10: Global Edition. This will be the complete release by Laminar research and Aerosoft that includes all what is in the US Community Edition plus all the other stuff we can add before that time.

* After this release all will be merged into one version and the content we add will be included into the version shipped by Laminar Research. From that moment on there will only be one version of X-Plane 10. At that moment all registered users will have free access to all the content we will add using the standard update functionality of X-Plane


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