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Luton-Munich, iFly 737

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Killing time before the Openskies event tonight on VATSIM I took the Air Berlin 737-700 on a short 1hr 45min flight from Luton to Munich.

The traffic was steadily building around the UK airspace for the event, I was going the other way so had clear skies. I managed to chat to one pilot from my VA and another was waiting upon arrival at Munich...

Pushing back at Luton


View of the car park as we head away on the DVR departure


Turning away from the airport


Passengers enjoying the warmth inside the aircraft, it's very cold outside today


Descending down to 5,000 for Runway 26R, very quiet in Germany this afternoon


Passengers getting a lovely sunset


Company traffic located at the gate


Fully configured for landing, not long now


Textbook landing at Munich


Parked and secure next to one of the Pacific Airways Europe pilots


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