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Guess The Airport

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@John-Outstanding and clever clues sir. :thum:  You really stymied the members for awhile with this one. My biggest obstacle was I thought the clue about the major belligerents referred to our enemies and did not include all of the good guys too.


@Andrew- Well done sir. :thum: Here I was thinking the special tool was the wine. The wife was wondering why I went through two bottles last night. :D

As promised and well deserved:



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.... On this planet John! ♬ There is a house.... ♬

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Sorry guys.  I have been trying to get my airport sorted out, but got caught with a couple of reviews and life in general.  It has taken far too long so if someone wants to jump in, please save me from this humiliation.  :th_blush:


I will be better prepared and waiting next time around.




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I miss this feature, which has gone kind of dormant.  I promised Mutley when he was here I was going to kick this off again soon, so here goes!


Guess the Airport



  • You've never heard of it.
  • It has a 3-character ICAO code.
  • The images and data are from stock FSX-SE and are likely the same in FSX and P3D.
  • Scenery complexity is set to Extremely Dense, so you're seeing everything that's there.
  • The top-down image may have been rotated - OK, it has been.
  • It's in the northern hemisphere.
  • Magnetic variation is large.
  • An airport just south is a candidate for my Unfortunate ICAO Codes list.
  • Airport elevation is 1,000 < X < 2000 feet MSL.




That's enough for now.  More clues in a few days if no one has it.



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Hmmm - no action here at all.


Here are more clues to make it a little easier...


  • Runway length is < 3000'
  • Airport name references a body of water
  • Longitude is West (with the above clues, that narrows it down to 1/4 of the planet)


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