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Aerosoft announce new titles and support for Prepar3D

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news_prepared.jpgPrepar3D might be a new name to many flightsimmers. It’s a special version of FSX developed by Lockheed Martin and intended for professional customers but is available for everybody. This special version is updated regular, has some more functions, is a bit faster, has a far better interface is almost totally compatible with FSX. To buy a full license will cost you $495 but a monthly license is just $9.95. We like it and we are making many of our products compatible. If you own the FSX version of these products you can get the Prepar3D version for free (and vice versa). We just added Egelsbach to this selection.


German Airports 3 - Paderborn/Lippstadt X(FSX+FS2004+Prepar3D)

Visit the home base airport of Aerosoft and location of the German Flight Simulation Conference in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004. The airport Paderborn/Lippstadt has been developed using the latest FSX technologies and therefore comes in an extreme...


Frankfurt-Egelsbach X(FSX+Prepar3D)

The airport of Frankfurt-Egelsbach is located in the economic region of the Rhine-Main area right in the center of the triangle of the cities Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt and Offenbach and in the direct neighborhood of the international airport of Frankfurt...


Corfu X (FSX+Prepar3D)

Located in the Ionian Sea and not far from Italy, the island of Corfu has been a favorite holiday destination ever since air travel got cheap enough for the masses. Of course, as the rest of Greece, it has a long, often bloody and very rich history that is...


Bronco X (FSX+Prepar3D)

Almost all aircraft designed for a COIN (counter-insurgency) are great fun to fly. They have to be sturdy and have loads of power to get out of trouble and they also got to agile and easy to fly low to the ground. So they all are the opposite of airliners...

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Ha ha , just seen that, can't say I've ever see anyone get it that wrong!

Give it a try before it expires though Rich, you'll love it! and who knows how much better V2 will be when it's released later in the year.

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