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AirPower Brize Norton goes live online!

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That's right folks - after months of hard work by me and the AirPower Team behind the scenes, we've finally gotten to the point where we can officially announce our new website!

Built from the ground up as a portal for our loyal readers, the site is aimed at providing a one-stop-shop for all our publications and, more importantly, to offer to you all a single source for all your Air Power awareness and Knowledge Base needs.

To visit, click here: AirPower Brize Norton Online



N.B. There is no requirement to request a login to view/download anything on the site. That's purely there for me and the AirPower team to login to the 'back-end' for upload of files etc.

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Congratulations on getting it live Simi :thum:

I guess no more newsletters will be up loaded here!

i can still upload them here Joe, if you want that is...the more coverage i have the better it can be for the team!

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I like it Simon - a nice, clean feel to it, with some good photos on the home page

Cheers K, appreciated. I'm struggling to get the code so that i can have a vast array of photos on that slide show, but so far not got much further than from when i started!

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