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It's been far too long.

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Hi folks,

I have been away from the forums for a while now, due in part to an addiction to F12011!

I decided you know what I can do both together! So I dusted down the commander and thought i'd do some proper IFR ;)

So I made a westerly turn after departure from runway 27 at Bristol airport and headed for unrestricted airspace out over the severn bridge.....£6.00 to cross now!

I followed the M4 until it branches into the A449 and followed up to my home town of Usk.


My house is just below the prop tip.

After that I thought why not follow the Usk river leading up the valley into Abergavenny.....lovely part of the world with the high ground.


That's Abergavenny out in front of us and in the distance you can see the sugar loaf mountain. I have walked up there and it's a looooong way I can tell you. Approx 2000ft up.

I thought i'd give the people having their picnics a show and circled the sugar loaf.



Whenever I drive out to Abergavenny I always notice a small strip I pass so I thought I would land there for the night since the night was drawing closer.



Sugar loaf in the background for the night.

The next day, I picked up the A449 and followed it until it becomes the M50 heading north and finally landed at Birmingham before 8am.

It's good to be back!


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