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Hi everyone,

I have recently been thinking about purchasing PNW from FTX, after having the OZ region i'm sold on their products. However I have a question, after I buy it I will def look into airstrips to add to the area. Is there a way to view where the strips are in relation to each other, in the same way you could with the Oz region?

Obviously I want to buy strips that are in places I will fly between etc etc. I am open to any ideas of what order/preference I should buy the strips.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Rich,

PNW is a definite must have and was given our award for excellence and for good reason.

When you get the region pack you get a Google Earth kml file which plots where the airfields are so you can decide.

There are some freeware airports available form Orbx too.



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I can only agree with Joe's statement on PNW, and the same goes for all ORBX regions in North America.

A big plus over the Austraila Package is that the NA regions includes enhancments on all (I think) airports and airstrips over the default versions so there's really no need to add further scenery on top of what ORBX offers in the base pack.

But if you want to enhance it further they do, as you say, offer further enhancements to a rather big number of airports, but I havn't tried any of those for the NA-regions yet. But I'm tempted to get PAKT (Ketchikan Airport) for the Pacific Fjords area and a few others as well.

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Hi Rich

I have all of the Orbx USA/Canada scenery and can highly recommend it particularly for GA flying. I also have a number of their airports which have some great features - the only downside of things like people flow and nature flow is they can cause a hit on FPS if you run them with maxed out settings - depends on your rig though.

I found this map on the Orbx site when I asked a similar question.

Bowerman KHQM and Vashon Island 2S1 are free so that's an easy one :D When it comes to which order to purchase they are all good to be honest - personally Cushman would be my first choice with Harvey Field second after that I don't know - Orcas is good - not helping here but since I own eleven of them including the free ones it's difficult :rofl: :rofl:


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