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Thought I'd have a stab at selling my Saitek X-65 F force feedback HOTAS after the success of selling a video card here.

I hardly used it to be honest and my picture is of it when I un-boxed it, I've lost the plastic palm rest to the right of the stick in my picture, also had to drill a couple of holes in the base plate for the stick to bolt to my HOTAS holder, the sides of the throttle and stick base have a little paint worn off with my chair sliding into position, otherwise it works perfectly.

I made more comfortable hard foam palm spacers for the stick to use in place of the plastic stick palm rest I lost that I will include.

Adapting to a Force Sensing stick was surprisingly easy, you get 4 pre sets with the Saitek software and you can of course adjust these however you wish ... I did add a little dead zone to the stick center (I think that's a good thing on all sticks) and all the X-65-F's I've read about seem to need it, dual throttle works fine in FSX and now DCS A10, Black shark and FC2 with those sims latest patches, i wont lie though, the X-65 F is not much use for WW1 aircraft like RoF or FSX helicopters, but its surprisingly good for FSX airliners and any military combat jet including DCS Black Shark surprisingly ... but that's no ordinary Helicopter.

I've since bought a Thrustmaster Warthog and this is why I'm selling the X-65 F.

It cost me about £290 just over a year ago I think it was, I've still got the original box ... I'll put the price here at £180 inc recorded post packing to any where in the UK, Paypal or Bank Transfer only please.

Any questions or newer pics, please dont hesitate to ask :thum:



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