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Hi everyone,

For quite some time now I have been an active user of "Gatwick Xtreme" by Gary Summons (UK2000 Scenery) and when I first purchased it noticed something very wrong with how the aircraft park. I am Using FS9, World of AI and Project AI

These screenshots should tell the story...



If you haven't realised the problem...EasyJet at North Terminal and GB Airways/British Airways in the south??? Very unrealistic...

There must be a replacement AFCAD somewhere but I have never found it, any advice?

Thanks a lot,


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I had the same problem with this software, I am using Just Flight Traffic, all I did was to remove the AF2_ file it was using.

I'm not sure where your AFCAD file will be but have a browse around the Scenery or World scenery to see if you have any files starting EGKK try disabling them (you may have more than 1) and see what happens.


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Guys, guys, guys...

...just to put things in perspective, if the worst thing that happens to you today is that the wrong airlines

are parking at the wrong terminals, you're having a pretty good day. :mrhappy: :???:


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John, John, John,

It's not the only thing that's going wrong, there is also a brown field amongst the green fields a mile away from the airport!!!! :giggle:

and also a tree that is slightly shorter than the rest next to the runway! I think this calls for a refund!!! :help:

:mrhappy: :???:

Best Regards,


PS. I am having a pretty good day! :bored:

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