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Hello all. Im a newbie to this forum and to Sims. Just getting set up with my pc and software.

I live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. In fact Im sitting in a pub on Loch Ness right now.

My wife HATES my interest in simming and I kid you not, she genuinely HATES it!

Im mostly interested in helicopters and ideally bombing around photo realistic scenery...at the moment.

I barely know how to use FSX, I certainly know NOTHING of navigation, instrument use or real world flight procedure but look forward to learning the stuff that will add realism and fun.

I am a special effects artist by trade (www.nimbacreations.com and www.buy and apply.com) and hope to build a nice simpit in future.

Im looking to make contact with sim enthusiasts who live locally to me and who might like to hook up and have a "nerd session" or two.

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Welcome to the friendliest FS site on the web. We hope you'll enjoy it here and will jump in and participate. You'll find any number of others here who will be more than willing to help you in any way - except with your wife - that problem is uniquely yours and we wish you well.

Be sure to take a moment and stick a pin in the member map.


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Hi Tom, welcome to Mutley's, you must be Brian's (Needles) neighbour! (near enough ;) )

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you want back up from She Who Must be Obeyed, you will get a sympathetic ear here!



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