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Just wondered if many people use the ENB mod?

I've seen it mentioned a few times but can't fathom what it really does and how you set it up.

Would anyone recommend it and could they suggest how best to set it up.

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Hi Graeme,

You can download it from our file library and includes a document on it's use.

Essentially it is like a graphics filter which increases/decreases contrast, colour, focus/Depth of field so the picture on screen "looks" HD. Some people like the effect, some don't it all depends on personal taste.

In the basic form, there are two files, d3d9.dll & enbseries.ini you just drop these two files into your root FSX folder and switch on and off the effect by hitting Shift+F12. However, this will not work if you are using FSX in DX10 preview mode.

To change the contrast , colour etc you make changes in the enbseries.ini as per instructions included.

In it's more complex form there is a 3rd file called enbpalette.bmp which can be used as a supplementary colour cast filter like you would use in conventional photography, for example an orange tint would give a more warmer looking picture.

If you look around on sites like the REX forums Tim has has in the past published tweaked .ini files and I am sure there are loads of others.

The one in our file library is a pretty good place to start.



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