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Hi all!

I think these are first first shots from a non-planning view point, so I hope you enjoy.

The test flight was undertaken from Southampton (EGHI) to Gatwick (EGKK), overflying the two airports with timing between the two airports. I chose, for some reason, the Hawker Siddeley/Avro/British Aerospace/BAe HS.748 Mk1 (or just the 748). The paint is in Ryanair.

To give you a quick history, c/n 1549 is a HS.748 Series 1/106. Built as G-MRRV, it served with Dan-Air, British Independent Airways and Ryanair.

So here we are, on the runway at Southampton


A view of the VC




Good - my Flybe AI package is working


Gear up


Turning aorund to get hight


This reminded me of a press shot


Time started, we are leaving Southampton behind


Hope we won't have to use this later


Gatwick in the distance


Overhead, stop the clock!


On finals


You don't hear that often!


Touchdown, passing a more modern Ryanair


And finally, just to prove it'll fit out of Shoreham!


Total time - 11.59 - cruising speed 220kts! Bit faster than last year's 90kts in the Dragon Rapide!


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What were you going to do in the corner of the office, Chuck? :whis:

Play with his train set, what else!

Well done Kieran I will be following your rally with interest, that's a brave choice of aircraft! :faint:

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I'm waiting to hear the story of stuffing it into a 1900 foot runway at Plockton after a MTOW takeoff. If anyone can pull it off Kieran can.


The Wiki article for the HS 748 does speak about its short field performance, but doesn't give any real performance numbers.



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