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MEBAR044 Test flight

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Test flight conditions are pretty much as real world at EGHI today except it is warmer today.

Here are some shots taken from my test flight.

Luckily for me, this is my home airfield, I also have my Air Hauler HQ here too.


The engine spools up nicely.


On two-zero waiting for clearance.


Whoa we're off.


Climbing at quite a rate still on the runway heading.


Over-flying Southampton City Centre, St Mary's stadium below, home of the Saints.


Heading out west to establish height and give ourselves enough space to head north and intercept SAM 078


Passing overhead, timer on.


No fancy repaint here, just slapped a logo on and a reg!


Gatwick dead ahead


A quality aircraft


Not far now


Pretty good even if I do say so myself!


Ready to stop the timer...


Stopped at 17.98

Thanks for viewing and happy flying :thum:

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Thanks Guys,

Rich, if it looks familiar I must be doing it right! :thum:

Kieran, I'm not really sure that heading down the runway is the goal. On the 078 radial from SAM you would be left, diagonally across the apron, don't quote me on that!

I was really happy with this flight but I did have a problem maintaining a constant speed so I reckon my results are going to be more luck than judgement.

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