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Orbx makes SBSLs FREE, announces FREE P3D Migrator Tool

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The Orbx team is pleased to announce that effective immediately, all SBSLs currently on sale will be now given away for free. Please hold off purchasing any SBSLs from the Flightsimstore until Adrian sets the prices to zero.

For all customers who have already purchased SBSLs, Orbx will arrange with FSS to provide a store credit for your purchases which can be used against any items in the FSS store.

We firmly believe that the future of flight simulation is Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. It is the most mature and robust code, and has a world-class development team actively maintaining the code and planning many exciting new features coming including DX11 support, a new rendering engine and many of the visual enhancements you would expect to run on today's hardware. We are indeed very excited to be working closely with LM as they move to the version 2.0 release.

Of course last week's announcement of the $49 Academic versions removes the main barrier for anyone wanting to migrate to the best platform.

So in support of this exciting new pricing, Orbx will immediately roll all our SBSL development efforts into a new single application called the "Orbx P3D Migrator Tool". This tool will be given away for free, and will enter beta testing in the coming week or so.

This tool will automatically detect your complete Orbx library you have installed in FSX. You have the choice to activate (a la SBSL) or migrate (remove from the FSX side) all your Orbx products. This tool will work for all Orbx products from 2008-2011 and you can run it as many times as you like. For all 2012 products onwards (i.e. 2W3 Swanson and beyond), we will release dedicated seperate FSX and P3D installers. We will also release dedicated P3D DVD editions, so for every new release there will be four editions:

  • FSX Download Edition
  • FSX DVD Edition
  • P3D Download Edition
  • P3D DVD Edition

We want everyone of our customers to move to P3D and we're removing all the barriers to doing so.

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This is confusing me! I thought you bought the FSX version, which I did, and then you get the free SBSL. I just went and got three SBSLs from the FlightSimStore in advance for when I buy Prepar3D.

Clem that's not nessecarry. The P3D migrator too, which is upcoming will be able to port over all Orbx products, so you don't need to get SBSLs

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