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As promised heres my shots from Leg 2, still waiting to see how my reported time holds up against my target time...

Take-off from Seething was uneventful, and here I am heading towards my first landmark, Marham AB


Passing over Marham... and as it turned out my planning was a bit wonky.. I had planned to use what I thought was a VOR at Marham for reference on the leg to Barkston Heath, but I only managed to pick up a DME-signal...


Continuing along my route to Barkston I pass what I think is the outlet of the River Great Ouse, with King's Lynn in view.


Safely back on the ground at Barkston Heath


While the ground crew filled me up with fuel, and all friends and their stuff where unloaded from the plane I spotted a Cessna 208 taking off


Pretty crowded on the ramp here. I wonder if there's any other MEBAR participants among them?


With a full load of fuel and all unwanted weight off-loaded I took to the skies again


Somewhere enrute to the first waypoint after Barkston Heath, but I'm not sure exactly where I was when the shot was taken.


Peak District National Park of my left wing, and looking at the map I realized that there's plenty of places along this route I recognize as opponents, or clubs I've managed in Football Manager over the years


Passing over Sheffield, and once again I had chosen a navaid that only gave me a DME-signal for reference :stars:


Still somewhere over the northern parts of Sheffield I think, but it might be Barnsley too.


And once again I'm not at all sure where this one was taken, but I think I have taken my right turn towards Linley Hill..


A view from one of the passanger seats, hold on now, didn't I disembark all my passangers! Hmmm...


My appologies to all UK residents here, but this was a bit of a boring part of the country.. atleast when flying without photoreal scenery ;)


We should be closing in on Linley Hill soon, time to tune the NEW VOR to see if I have some guidence on that last leg.


And for once the planning worked, I now had a VOR/DME signal to give me guidence all the way from Linley Hill over Newcastle and on to Fife.

About halfway I passed over Newcastle, and there was plenty of traffic all around.


Just north of Newcastle passing over the Northumberland National Park.. oh, and look, there's finally some hills around ;)


Passing over the northern parts of the national park


Passing east of Edinburgh


Time to start heading down again.. 500 feet/minute should put us in a good place as we get close to Fife


And there's our destination


Bugger me, that's a short runway.. good thing I'm not doing this in something bigger, let's enter the pattern for a landing on runway 7


After my debacle on leg one where I lost sight of the runway when turning onto finals I decided to extend my downwind leg and use this lake as a reference point while turning. The big lake further on would be Loch Leven.


Down in one piece, but it looks like the ground was a bit wet considering the mark I left in the grass....


On to planning leg 3. Can't remember my exact time for leg 2, but it was just over 200 minutes i think. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's at least somewhere close to the mark.

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No worries getting out of Fife in the 'STOL' Islander, I managed to 'catapult' the good Old Gooneybird out of there, although with overheated cylinders. ;)

you'll really like leg 3. Make sure you have a good map, don't fly too high and look out of the window often! Or file an IFR flight plan...

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Thanks guys.

@Paul: I have no worries getting the Islander out of Fife.. I was more concerned for Kieran getting his HS748 out ;)

Hoping to get leg 3 done over the weekend (my inlaws are visiting, so I have someone that can look after my kid even if my wife is knocked out with the flu), but first I need to figure out why FSUIPC refuses to load with FSX...

I guess it's really time to tackle that reinstallation of windows that I've been planning since new year.. alot of stuff just stops working for me all the time....

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Nice set of screen shots, Micke - Thanks for sharing. :thum:

Now, you really must get to grips with VOR+DME, DME only and VOR only! Look for a hexagon in a box (Plan-G)...

And, BTW, you can normally use a VOR/DME that's ahead or behind you, although it does depend on its range - and how high you're flying... :whis:

Good Luck with Leg 3 - keep those eyes open, Mate!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Thanks Dai..

I had only VORs visible in Plan-G so I figured I was safe, but I guess the DME-only stations where in there too... but now I've learned that bit the hard way..

I was planning on using them for both an inbound and a outbound leg, as I managed to do with the NEW VOR for the last leg.. I was very greatful that atleast that one worked as planned since the GPS started acting up on me.. tried to switch the active leg since it thought I wasn't near Linley Hill when I turned northbound (and I was only 1 nm out) and suddenly I had managed to add a few waypoints, and reset the plan to the beginning :stars:

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I guess it's just a generation issue.. us younger people do take on new technology easier than you old chaps :D (*Ducking for cover*)

Besides, I've alwasy been more of a chiphead than a gearhead.. guess that's why I tend to stick to the simulator rather than flying for real....

Hmm. wooden steaks... what do you use to tenderise those, and can you chuck them on to the barbecue?? :whis:

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