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"Right we'll just get this one bedded in and then I want to put a row of English Electric Lightnings in the bed over there against the wall. They will look lovely when they bloom in the spring"

"I don't care if it IS you Harry, Get up for your Grandmother!"

Thanks Eddie, ok have a go with this one..

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Schmedlap, check that loadout again.  Are you sure the noses are green?  There is no green listed for warhead marking.  Yellow is HE, brown is frag, white is illuminating, red is incendiary, gray is smoke, black is armor piercing, blue is inert.  There is no entry for green.

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We have a winner:

On 14/05/2019 at 10:59, Tim_A said:

"Sir, I've told you before: Godot is not on this flight!"

Over to you, Vlad, I mean, Tim. :)



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