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"Right we'll just get this one bedded in and then I want to put a row of English Electric Lightnings in the bed over there against the wall. They will look lovely when they bloom in the spring"

"I don't care if it IS you Harry, Get up for your Grandmother!"

Thanks Eddie, ok have a go with this one..

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To demonstrate the efficacy of their "Procedural and Automation Based Systems Training" PABST Blue Ribbon school graduate and Asiana Airlines chief pilot Harry Kim is seen here waving confidently as he sets out on his first ever flight in an advanced military jet after an intensive month of studying the aircraft manuals and procedures thoroughly in a classroom and simulator based training environment. The PABST program is being reviewed after Harry's fatal takeoff attempt, and the company is not allowed to comment publicly until after the investigation is completed.


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On 10/20/2016 at 07:34, J G said:


State trouper guards evidence of Samsungs latest battery disaster.



Oh, that's mine.  Sorry, guys, I was asleep at the switch.  I'm going to give it to JG for the above, but a couple of the others were pretty good too. 



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Thanks John.  Sorry for the delay I have been otherwise occupied.


I crossed the pond the other day and the Virgin stewardess made an announcement asking any one with a Samsung Note 7 to surrender it to a crew member immediately.  So perhaps my caption wasn't that funny!.


Have a go at:



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