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F2Crew - After setting up the CDU completely I get the FO saying 'you might want to check that'

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I have setup the CDU fully and on the 'Before Start Checklist' the item called 'CDU Preflight - Completed' the FO says 'You might want to check that again'

I have entered all number and figures into the CDU and where there was any blank entries I have added information too - I have clicked exec - I have the latest patch SP1c

Still no joy!

I have tried many different flights and cannot get past this part - this also stops the engines from being started too.

Anyone got this and had this issue? I ahve looked on the web and also the AVSim forum too - other people have had this but those threads are still ongoing and no resolution has come of this.

Any ideas?



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what pages have you set up in the CDU..

I can't remember of the top of my head what is needed, but RTE, DEP/ARR and TAKEOFF are among them.

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All of them pretty much, looking at the manual I have done the pages listed in there.

I also get the same message when asked if parking brake is set - I no its set bcuz I have the red message at the bottom and I've tried clicking it off and on again too.

I'm going to investigate further I think, just thought is post on here in case someone found the same etc

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OK so I solved it :)

I installed the PMDG SP1c update after the install of the FS2Crew - some reason it did not detect this even after a restart so I re-installed FS2Crew after the update and just completed my first flight from start to finish (using button control) successfully

I must admit - even with button control this addon is absolutley amazing.

So the only thing I am still noob at is the programming of the flights - when its a short flight from say East Midlands to Birmingham any route I take seems to take me 50nm out and then brings me back in again to land. I literally fly past the airport as well which is a kick in the teeth.

I have tried all the SIDs and STARs and still no joy - I have updated my FMC to the latest AIRAC too and still no better.

I am going to try a longer flight maybe tomorrow and hopefully that will be easier. Maybe one day when the wife is out I will hook up my headset and use the voice command features - NICE!!

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