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I'm beginning this thread in hopes of generating some interest and additional download traffic in the Airport Diagrams which are in a sub-category of the Mutley's Hangar File Library. [EDIT: The File Library can no longer be supported and individual airport diagrams are no longer available for download, however bundles by country, and by state/province for Canada, US and Australia are still available for free download in the Airport Diagrams sub-forum of the Mutley's Hangar Forum.  This is still an active project as of 7/17 and bundle files will be updated monthly to roll in new and updated airport charts.] This thread will not be stickied nor will it be locked. Your comments are welcome. My frequent updates will probably keep it near the top of this sub-forum without having it be a sticky post.


I've been creating these Airport Diagrams for some time now and there are over 1,200 [EDIT: over 6,400 as of 7/17] available for downloading, with more being added almost daily (except when I get really busy with other things). I typically upload them in batches of three; two new ones and one update of the oldest previously published diagram in each batch. [EDIT: Typical monthly volume is around 120 new and 15 updates per month as of 7/17.]


It's my intent to make a new posting in this thread every time I add new airports, reporting those added, perhaps with a few comments related to them. [EDIT: Monthly announcements now, in lieu of daily updates.]


If you're not familiar with these airport diagrams, they are in jpg format and are created from FS data, mainly stock FSX now, though many of the earlier ones came from FS9 and a few from add-on scenery versions. Under the current standards they contain the following:

  • ICAO Code
  • Airport Name
  • City/Country
  • Published Comm frequencies
  • Lighted/Not Lighted label
  • Lat/Long
  • Elevation
  • Magnetic Variation
  • Runway numbers, width, length, surface type, ILS data if present and closed labels for closed runways
  • Taxiway labeling including annotation of closed taxiways
  • Fuel pump locations
  • Co-located and nearby navaids
  • Source (FSX, FS9, payware, etc.)
  • [EDIT: Approach list for those approaches available in the FS GPS]


...and of course a pictorial of the airport including runways, taxiways, ramps, aprons and building footprints. Some earlier versions lack some of these things but the oldest are being updated to current standards on an ongoing basis.


Often complex airports require more than one plate, primarily to permit detailed views providing legible taxiway labeling. It's my intent to provide enough detail to permit landing at one of these fields at night and finding one's way to parking with no other assistance, not even the FS progressive taxi feature.


So - check them out if you haven't yet and perhaps download one or two of your favorites to see if using them might improve your flight simming experience. Note that these are made using FS data so are likely to be a close match to what you will encounter in FS, unlike RW charts at times.


I happily take requests for any airport you don't find already in the library. I'll accomodate your requests as best I can.


Today's new entries are...



ENSO Sorstokken - Stord, Norway



VNKT Tribhuvan Intl - Kathmandu, Nepal




82J Ferguson - Pensacola, Florida - US (updated)



These diagrams are available for download in the appropriate bundles.


Tonight's three airports are medium in terms of airport complexity; all were single-runway and thus pretty easy compared to some. None had ILSs and none required a second plate. VNKT in Kathmandu is probably the most interesting with a 10,000 foot runway at an elevation of almost 4,400 feet. Two of the three (VKNT and ENSO) had complex buildings, which require an extra step to bring into the diagrams. That's something I struggled with doing initially but it's become old hat now and goes pretty well except at very large and complex airports where it still becomes a bit tedious.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Available Diagrams 1,216; downloads 1,627 [EDIT: Over 6,400 airports now diagrammed - 7/17]



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Note:  While the data in this thread is still valid, the entire thing has been superseded by the Mutley's Hangar Airport Diagram Download Center.  Top level is here...   http://forum.mutleys

6/16/12 Status Update


- FL54 Flying Tiger Field - Worthington, Florida - US




- VQPR Paro - Paro, Bhutan






- KMSL Northwest Alabama Regl - Muscle Shoals, Alabama - US (updated)




I added the usual batch of three today.


FL45 popped up from one of the lists I work from. It's not much of an airport but met one of my selection criteria, i.e. it has an MS fuel pump on the field. Save that, I'd have passed it by.


VQPR is odd in one respect - though it seems to be a fairly good sized controlled airfield with a control tower and a 6,500 + foot paved runway, it is unlighted in FSX. That struck me as kind of strange and is probably the only unlighted, towered airport I can recall ever encountering. It also has the distinction of having that best of all magnetic variation values, 0.0 degrees.


There were quite a number of downloads in the last day - thanks, Chuck.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,218; downloads 1,660



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6/17/12 Airport Diagrams



ENHV Valan - Honningsvag, Norway






VNLK Lukla - Lukla, Nepal





KILM Wilmington Intl - Wilmington, North Carolina - US (updated)






I have several things worth mentioning today...


One major list of airports I've been working from is complete. I have another waiting in the wings to replace it. I work from about four lists simultaneously, choosing the next airport from each in rotation.


Two of today's airports, ENHV and VNLK have some serious terrain around them. VNLK, of course, is Lukla, Nepal and is famous (or is that infamous) as one of the world's most difficult places to fly into. Lukla is not well-modeled in stock FSX and there was precious little data to put on the diagram. I would not have bothered with a diagram of it except for the fact that it's so well known.


ENHV in Norway is pretty interesting. It's a short, paved strip paralleling the shoreline - virtually on it - but with serious hills pretty close in on both ends. It should tell you something that there's a localizer (no glide slope) that is offset over 50 degrees from the runway heading.


My update is always to the oldest airport diagram file remaining. Today's update, KILM in Wilmington NC, from June 2009, had runway widths included in the runway table in the old version. I've finally "pulled up the tail" to the point where all the plates now have that important data. Based on that, and in an effort to get more new airports added, I'll only be doing one update with every other batch from now on. There are many of the current features that the oldest plates still lack and I will continue to do updates, but at a reduced rate.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,220; downloads 1,661



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First off, Thanks for updating and adding to the Plates - I had no idea that you had done so many, John! :thum:

Second of all, Paro VQPR has no lighting as it's VFR only - and then there's the fact that a mere half-dozen pilots are certified to actually fly in there. Says something about the terrain and weather, I guess...

The map function sounds an excellent idea - it would be a quick look up to see if there was a plate to help with your destination, or even suggest an alternate.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Super job on doing all of these John :hat:

I use them mostly for the rally's but they are also a fun source for picking out places to fly to, sort of backwards flight planning. Pick a plate and fly to it. :D

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6/18/12 Airport Diagrams


VQ10 Yongphulla - Yongphulla, Bhutan




42MI Midway - Albion, Michigan - US




VTCC Chiang Mai Intl - Chiang Mai, Thailand






Z25S Kubinka - Kubinka, Russia






- None


I imported a new airport list today, replacing the one finished yesterday, so still working in parallel from four separate lists.


There are four additions today, all new, so one from each list this time around. VTCC is from the upcoming Mutley's Hangar ATWC IV list. Updates of older plates will only be in every other batch now, as noted yesterday.


Of today's new airports, three are very simple bare strips with no facilities. I don't pick 'em, guys - really - I'm just taking them as they come off the lists. It seems appropriate today to document my inclusion criteria. If an airport meets any of these conditions in stock FSX, I'll include it...


  • - Paved runway
  • - Multiple runways (paved or not)
  • - Apron or ramp
  • - Lighted
  • - Building
  • - MS Fuel pump
  • - Published Radio Frequency
  • - Navaid on field
  • - Famous/infamous airport
  • - Included in a rally or other FS event


As you can see, that's a pretty low standard and only a single runway grass (or other unpaved surface) strip with no facilities of any kind escapes. There really are a fair number of those in FS and I do frequently bypass some that come up on the lists. Nonetheless, some that do get included are pretty simple and you might wonder why they are included. It's not just about the image - there is data too and it does have some value if AirHauler or some other reason takes you to one of them, however unlikely that is.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,224; downloads 1,661



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...Paro VQPR has no lighting as it's VFR only...


I didn't know any of that about Paro - sounds like a good place to avoid. Aspen (KASE) prohibits night operations as well, but does have published instrument approaches and is lighted.



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6/19/12 Airport Diagrams




EVRA Riga Intl - Riga, Latvia






VE67 Machuka - Machuka, India






EGVA Fairford - Fairford, UK (updated)




Today's offerings are a more "normal" batch. Riga (EVRA) required two plates, with copious taxiway labels. I'll sometimes just put them in the main view if there aren't too many labeled taxiways, but I don't like the "cluttered" look that the main view takes on if there are more than about a half-dozen or so. When the complexity of the airport seems to be getting to that point, I opt to leave the taxiways unlabeled in the main view and use a separate plate (or several) to handle the taxiway details.


Machuka (VE67) is pretty featureless - just a paved strip out in the boonies, at over 6,000 feet elevation. I suspect when you're out in the boonies in India, you're REALLY out in the boonies. When the elevation of the runway is almost 1.5 times the length it's time to think hard about whether you REALLY even want to go there. Nonetheless, it meets the criteria for inclusion and fell out of a list today, so it's in.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,226; downloads 1,661



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That's the idea behind the plates, to document what's in FS, not necessarily what's in the RW. If you fly to Fairford in stock FSX, what you find will look a lot like my plate.



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6/20/12 Airport Diagrams




AL78 Klumpp - Fairhope, Alabama - US




VVDB Dienbien - Dienbien, Vietnam




ESKN Skavsta - Stockholm, Sweden









All three of today's airports are new - no updated diagram this time.


VVDB Dienbien is the most historically important of any I've done for a while, even though you might not guess it by looking at it. It may even qualify as infamous, but not because of anything so mundane as difficult approaches, bad terrain or lousy WX. You may more easily recall it by the name Dien Bien Phu, which is French for "We got our ass kicked here too." It was at Dien Bien Phu, on and around the airport and the city, that the French suffered a military defeat in 1954 that saw them thrown out of Indo-China for good and which lead to the partitioning of what is now Vietnam into North and South. None of what followed from that was particularly pleasant for anyone, except possibly for "Hanoi" Jane Fonda, who played a highly publicized gig in the North Vietnamese capital that is still commemorated on US Military bases by urinal stickers bearing her image.


Quite aside from the historical aspects, it is a moderately interesting FS airport. It has a single published frequency, a tower, which is of the house trailer variety (I think some of you call them Caravans), but in the real world is probably not nearly so upscale. The runway surface is listed as "Planks", probably a reference to perforated steel mats variously called Marsden Mats or Marston Mats. There may be other occurrences of that runway surface in FS but I have not stumbled upon any others to date. It has a 6,000 foot runway, a VOR/DME and an NDB on the field, but has no published approaches and is not lighted. VVDB is from the Mutley's Hangar ATWC IV list.


ESKN Skavsta is a moderately large airport with three runways, two of which are paved and one has ILS in both directions. It even has two or three complex (non-rectangular) buildings in FSX. It's obviously not the primary airport for Stockholm but is hardly a cow pasture either.


AL78 Klumpp, IS a cow pasture, just across Mobile Bay from the big airport at Mobile, but makes the cut by virtue of having a handful of stock buildings around it in FSX. It is otherwise unremarkable.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,229; downloads 1,662



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6/21/12 Airport Diagrams


VNJS Jomsom - Jomsom, Nepal



KCYW Clay Center Mun - Clay Center, Kansas - US





EGBO Wolverhampton - Wolverhampton, UK (updated)



Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes VNJS Jomsom, in Nepal. This one has a 2,424 foot runway at an elevation of 8,800 feet. That's a ratio of elevation/length of over 3.6! Yikes! It's even lighted, perhaps with Yak oil lamps, if they can be kept burning in the rare air. It's also on that 0 degree isogonic line.


The update, EGBO Wolverhampton, looks considerably different in FSX from the FS9 version. All new and updated plates are to FSX now, and the older versions are all from FS9. Often they're much the same but this one has changed quite a bit between versions.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,231; downloads 1,662



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6/22/12 Airport Diagrams




VMMC Macao Intl - Macao, Macao SAR





LFLJ Courchevel - Courchevel, France



YPPD Port Hedland Intl - Port Hedland, Western Australia - Australia





- None


I reckon Courchevel is the most interesting of the lot today, famous for it's short sloped runway, much like Lukla in configuration. I believe it's only a resort destination so doesn't see the volume or kind of traffic that Lukla does. I also understand that a special certification is needed to land at Courchevel, i.e. special training in the procedures used to approach and land on the steeply sloped runway. The 1,756 foot runway at an elevation of 6,420 feet produces an elevation/length ratio of about 3.65, which I believe is similar to Jomsom, Nepal in yesterday's batch. Of course, unlike Jomsom, at Courchevel, you get a downhill run to assist with the takeoff and an upslope to help with braking when landing. I'm guessing an aborted takeoff at Courchevel is pretty much out of the question after leaving the flat part at the top and in that case, playing glider into the valley is probably the only game in town.


Oddly, the FS runway table only has one-way data for the runway, listing just runway 5. The normal landing approach is from the other end, runway 23, which bears a number, but is not acknowledged in the table. I've stuck to my standards and only included the listing for runway 5, since that's what's in FSX, my source sim for this airport. I checked FS9 and the runway table data is the same in that sim - runway 5 only. This is the only case of that I've noted in FS to date.


Port Hedland (YPPD) is a more ordinary airport of respectable size with full facilities.


Macoa (VMMC) has a very large (11,048 X 148) runway that is essentially in the water, with two fairly long taxiway bridges connecting it to the remainder of the airport, which sits on the land.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,234; downloads 1,663



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6/23/12 Airport Diagrams




SRV Stoney River 2 - Stoney River, Alaska - US



RCSS Sungshan - Taipei, Taiwan







KCEW Sikes - Crestview, Florida - US (updated)




Stoney River (SRV) does not look like a fun place to visit - a short, narrow gravel strip at almost 62 North, a few buildings, no fuel, 21 degrees of magnetic variation, no navaids. I've been called a glutton for punishment but not much about that looks attractive to me.


Sungshan (RCSS) in Taipei, Taiwan looks like a mid-sized commercial field - only one runway, but a fairly generous one with dual ILSs and with lots of ramp space. It had enough named taxiways to warrant a second plate for them. It could have been done on the main view, but would have cluttered it up a lot.


Sikes, in Crestview, FL, the updated airport for today, appears to be a nicely appointed municipal airport, with all the amenities, except a control tower. It even has an ILS from one end.


I've been preparing a new list to work from when one of the current ones is exhausted - one has only about 15 left to do. I'm building this one from scratch, using the principal airport at all the national capitals world wide. Surprisingly, in some cases it's the only airport in the country. Many are already done, but it seemed like a good collection of airports to have included.


I got another list today, another world tour of sorts by a famous head-banger band - I have no shame when it comes to filching lists of airports.

I noted last night that a newly registered user at MH made his way to the airport diagrams and downloaded Courchevel within an hour of signing up.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,236; downloads 1,664



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6/24/12 Airport Diagrams




LZKZ Kosice - Kosice, Slovakia





YPKG Kalgoorlie-Boulder - Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia - Australia



OL20 Whitehorn Cove - Wagoner, Oklahoma - US







Kosice (LZKZ) and Kalgoorlie (YPKG) are just garden variety medium size airports. Kosice had enough taxiways to require a second plate. I could have done the same for Kalgoorlie - it was right on the edge of needing it but I let it be.


Whitehorn Cove (OL20) intrigued me with "Cove" in the name of an airport in Oklahoma. Checking it out on Google earth, it's hard in the bend of a river, but still, using that name smacks of marketing. There seems to be little there to market, however - maybe it's just whimsy. It has no facilities and only made the cut by virtue of having a pair of grass runways.


My large list seems to be serving up a streak of pretty small airports lately - I rejected three before Whitehorn Cove emerged, so you can imagine the kind of fields those were.


I've completed the preps on the list of world capitals and also put one together with all the US capitals. Neither of those is in active use yet, but are ready to go. In both of those lists, I'd estimate that about half are already done, but didn't do an accurate count.


I've come up with a pretty quick and easy way to randomize a list and have done that with the new ones, so they will not come up in alphabetical order or any other order. Future lists for rallies and such will be done in the order of the event to be sure the first ones needed are the first ones produced; all other working lists will be randomized from now on.


Populating the Google Earth data file for selection from a map continues at the rate of about 40 per day - I have 520 entered to date.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,239; downloads 1,664



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6/25/12 Airport Diagrams




RKSS Gimpo Intl - Seoul, Korea





LROP Henri Coanda - Bucharest, Romania







KVLD Valdosta Regl - Valdosta, Georgia - US (updated)





Be careful what you ask for - you just might get it. I've been making half-apologetic noises for a couple of days about producing diagrams for small, simple airports. Today my lists coughed up three that each required two plates to do properly. Taxiway labeling drove the second plate for all of these, but each one had at least two paved runways, at least one ILS and at least one complex building footprint to bring in as well. All in all these three make up a set of pretty respectable airports.


LROP, in Romania has a pair of parallel runways with Cat. III ILSs on all four approaches, along with a handful of navaids. Those latter include six NDBs strung out along the approach courses about where you'd expect Outer and Middle Markers to be, but without the marker beacons - odd.


RKSS, Gimpo, in Seoul, is the "other" big international in Seoul. It's older and has been more or less superseded by Incheon, but is still in business and is, of course, alive and thriving in FSX. It has more radio frequencies listed than any airport deserves and four ILSs for the two parallel runways. Thankfully there are fewer navaids than at LROP. This one is from the Mutley's Hangar ATWC IV list.


The update, KVLD, up in not-too-far-off Valdosta, Georgia, has three paved runways of respectable length but not as much of anything else as the other two.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,241; downloads 1,664



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6/26/12 Airport Diagrams




YAYE Ayers Rock (Connellan) - Ayers Rock, Northern Territory - Australia



CNZ8 Grimsby - Grimsby, Ontario - Canada



RJCO Sapporo - Sapporo, Japan







There are three again today, all new ones. All are paved, but the Canadian one isn't much at all - it does boast a tower, a fuel pump and a handful of buildings, but no ramps, taxiways, etc. All of these airports are a single paved runway with no ILS and none of them had enough of a taxiway network to require a second plate. All in all it was an easier set to do than those in yesterday's batch.


Sapporo comes from the MH ATWC IV list. I think there are about a dozen left to do to finish that list off.


While entering data into the Google Earth map I discovered a duplicate today and removed it. That decremented the number of uploads by one, and as luck would have it, the number of downloads by two, at least according to the official MH records. Bummer.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,243; downloads 1,662



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6/27/12 Airport Diagrams




LGRP Diagoras - Rodos, Greece



LEBB Bilbao - Bilbao, Spain






KPHF Newport News/Williamsburg Intl - Newport News, Virginia - US (updated)





Today's batch of three includes an update. All three are reasonably upscale airports. Two of the three have a pair of runways and all have an ILS. Two required two plates. These are about the size and complexity I consider ideal from the perspective of creating the diagrams. They're complex enough to be interesting but not so dense or busy (graphically) that it's a struggle to get everything in that needs to be there.


I had a file problem with the Google Earth file I've been working on for selection of airport diagrams from a GE map and lost a few days work, but have salvaged the rest and am continuing. If that's the worst thing that happens to me today it's a good day.


Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,245; downloads 1,663



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6/28/12 Airport Diagrams




48OK Rafter 'r' Ranch - Checotah, Oklahoma - US



UHPP Yelizovo - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia



FAPI Pietersburg - Pietersburg, South Africa







Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,248; downloads 1,663


Three new - one in Far East Russia, one in South Africa and for something really out in the boondocks, one in Oklahoma, which only made the cut by virtue of having an MS fuel pump in FSX. It's an interesting place to look over in Google Earth - the ranch is evident but there are several options for a viable runway.


Pietersburg (FAPI) in South Africa has a long, narrow paved runway, a fuel pump and a multicomm frequency established for it, so made it in on those three criteria. Oddly it shows no buildings in stock FSX.


The Russian field gives the appearance of being military - very wide parallel runways, one of which is over 11,000 feet long and an ILS. Taxiways are numbered instead of having letter designators.



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6/29/12 Airport Diagrams




HKMO Moi - Mombasa, Kenya





LA81 Cheneyville - Cheneyville, Louisiana - US





KMYR Myrtle Beach Intl - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – US (updated)





Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,250; downloads 1,663


There are two US airports in the group today. Myrtle Beach (KMYR) is reasonably large and complex. Cheneyville (LA81) doesn't boast much in the way of facilities but has a nearly mile-long paved runway and a gas pump, which is enough to get it included. Moi/Mombasa (HKMO) is on a par with Myrtle Beach but has one more runway. Both of them required two plates.


I guess this is a minor milestone with 1,250 airports done. This group may be the last for a few days. The club newsletter work is upon me and it's time to get busy on that. Will be back to these when I can.



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7/1/12 Airport Diagrams




PADU Unalaska - Unalaska, Alaska - US



FSIA Seychelles Intl - Seychelles, Seychelles



FAPE Port Elizabeth - Port Elizabeth, South Africa







Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,253; downloads 1,663


I only needed to have one day off airport diagrams for the FS club newsletter work this month. That went pretty well and I'm done with my part of it for now.


Port Elizabeth (FAPE) is kind of interesting by virtue of having only two buildings, one complex, but they are huge. It also has a pretty sizeable magnetic variation, at 25.7 degrees.


Unalaska (PADU) has a large water runway as well as the usual asphalt one. As I understand it, most of the water runways in FSX are in Alaska.



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7/2/12 Airport Diagrams




SSKM Campo Mourao - Campo Mourao, Brazil







Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,254; downloads 1,663


Today was supposed to be an update day, i.e. one airport in the batch was to be an update of the oldest one. For reasons too murky to explain, I always do a new airport first, the update second in the sequence, then a second new one to round out a batch of three.


The unfortunate part about "dragging up the tail" with updates is that sooner or later, some of the really big, complex airports pop up and I just have to bite the bullet and take them on as they come up. The quality of the old diagram doesn't approach today's standards and improving the old ones is as important to me as producing new ones - well, almost. The one that came off the bottom of the stack today for update is quite possibly the most famous airport in the world, if not quite the busiest - good old Heathrow, the crossroads of the world.


Lest you think me a slacker, today was a busy day with quite a lot going on that wasn't related to airport diagrams and I had to tend to those things too. As a result, I only have the one new airport today, a no-name place in Brazil that most likely none of us has ever heard of - it just dropped out of one of my lists and I stick to my process pretty rigidly. It's paved, lighted and has an MS fuel pump, so makes the cut to get processed.


The updated EGLL is still in progress and is well along; I'll have it tomorrow barring a disaster. Bear in mind that these are stock FSX, so no Terminal 5, but it will be infinitely better than the original, done in June 2009. So bear with me - I'll have the updated Heathrow tomorrow and, with any luck, a couple more new ones. Who knows what will fall out of the lists?



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