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FSX Dynamic Benchmark Run Results

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I just read an interesting topic in PC format of a similar vein. Basically they ran a £1000 PC with DX10 against a £350 PC with dx9. The Dx9 rig ran faster if DX10 had its fancy features enabled and concluded if your happy with the speed of your Dx9 PC, upgrading to DX10 was pointless. Interesting for me as im considering upgrading my PC soon and DX10 was an option but for the cost not worth what i'll gain.


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I would take this benchmarking with a pinch of salt...

All I hear from customers is that there is an increase in performance when using DX10. Some people are lucky with FSX and others aren't. Take my laptop, it products far better FPS than some quad core/8800 machines(from what people have said on forums). You've just got to hope you're one of the lucky ones!

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These people aren't benchmark experts, it's hardly scientific. I would agree with MartYn.

If I were investing in a new machine I 'would' go for Vista and a DX10 graphics card.

Even if there are a few performance issues now, it is the technology of the future.

Things will improve, a few more drivers and tweaks and everyone will love it.

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