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Project Airbus A380 Panel Merge

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I think the VC panel is based on the interior *.mdl for each sim model. This may have components for the aircraft's exterior if these are visible from the cockpit/paseenger-window. If you were to 'swap' interior *.mdls, I'm not sure if the result would work in the sim. But try, why not?!?

Oh, yes - you might upset the copyright of each developer - so, take care...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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I had the A380 running with a Thomas Ruth A340 VC the other day, I did have a good link for how to do it but it looks like the site is down ATM :(

Here is a thread that has the link I used, you should be able to use it when the site is back up, also has a shot of the Tom VC and a few tips at the end of the thread


Failing that here is a link for a PA 380 that has already had the Tom Ruth VC fatted ;) (you might be able to open up the files and see whats need to fit the VC to your other PA380 as well ;) )

It's the 3rd one down the page called "Project Airbus A380 with Thomas Ruth A340 virtual cockpit painted in British Airways livery by Stephen Browning"



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