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FSAddon Publishing launches Lockheed Hudson for FSX and Prepar3d

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FSAddon Publishing has launched a new aircraft package comprised of three important models of Lockheed; the Lockheed Super Electra, Lockheed Lodestar,

and, most important, the Lockheed Hudson.

All in all three variants with many different liveries AND different interiors,11 aircraft in total !

Add to that a load of special animations and effects, the great modeling quality of Simon Smeiman and the enthusiasm and excellent service of FSAddon and you cannot go wrong on buying this Word War 2 veteran!

The Hudson was not only used for bombing and anti-submarine missions (special effects included!) but also for rescue at see and - very special - for pickups and drop-offs of spies and resistance fighters behind enemy lines in France between 1940 and 1944 ! Same as our venerable Westland Lysander.

Special operational descriptions - and scenery - are being developed for these activities, but weren't ready yet at time of launch. The 'missions' will be released later this year as freeware !

The 'Hudson' requires Flight Simulator X - SP2 or Acceleration - and comes inclusive of a Prepar3d Installer to run it on Lockheed Martin's version of FSX as well!

The regular price for this extensive package is Euro 19,95 (23,75 inc; VAT or US$ 23,75), but until October 1st it is offered with a discount and only costs Euro 17,50 (23,80 incl VAT or US$ 21.75).

Currently only available from our own webshop, the Silvercloud Store.

The Hudson will be available from other distributors starting in October.

Check out the screenshots and all details on our Product Page here: http://silvercloud-s...roduct_id=29872

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