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For sale, my trusty graphics card, offered here at a discount before I sell it on Ebay.


A fantastic performer, FPS through the roof!

Specs for number crunchers..

GPU Engine Specs:

512 CUDA Cores

772 MHz Graphics Clock (MHz)

1544 MHz Processor Clock (MHz)

49.4 Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)

Memory Specs:

2004 MHz Memory Clock

1536 MB Standard Memory Config

GDDR5 Memory Interface

384-bit Memory Interface Width

192.4 Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

Feature Support:

4.2 OpenGL

PCI-E 2.0 x 16Bus Support

Certified for Windows 7

DirectX 11, 3D Vision, CUDA, PhysX, SLI, 3D Vision Surround Supported Technologies

3-way SLI Options

Display Support:

Multi Monitor

2560x1600 Maximum Digital Resolution

2048x1536 Maximum VGA Resolution



Mini HDMI, Two Dual Link DVI Standard Display Connectors

Internal Audio Input for HDMI

Standard Graphics Card Dimensions:

10.5 inches (267 mm)Length

4.376 inches (111 mm)Height

Dual-Slot Width

Thermal and Power Specs:

97 C Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)

244 W Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)

600 W Minimum System Power Requirement (W)

One 6-pin and One 8-pin Supplementary Power Connectors

If you are interested, please drop me a PM to ask questions or make an offer, no reasonable offer refused, please look at prices on eBay etc to get an idea.

Cheers, Joe

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