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I hate 2d panels and switching through views with the A button each time a 2d panel shows my computer goes into busy mode and stays busy forever until I close..

So how do I switch off 2d panels displaying?

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Don't know to much about this but look in the aircraft.cfg and locate the [CameraDefinition.0] sections that pertains to that cycle view. Hash mark it out // at the beginning of that camera.


Not sure if this is good enough or if you might have to change all the numbers of the sections that comes after the one you hashed out. :( Always back up your file first. :)

I'm a little busy today but will test it out for you later. Or wait for someone that knows what they are doing. ;)

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I think Brett is on the right track. I haven't tried this but I THINK you could also "hash out" or delete the Window00 entry in the table of windows at the top and then do the same to every line in the [window00] block of code further down. You might have to renumber the rest but probably not. As with any cfg file modifications, step one should be a backup copy of the file before beginning.

Not sure how the S-key toggle sequence would respond to that but it's worth a try.

A possible downside of doing that would be if certain switches, controls, etc. are only available in the 2D view. I've seen that kind of thing before in some AC, where you have to go to the 2D to do certain things.

Good luck.


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Thank you all for the response,

It happens in all aircraft. When I use the "A" Key to change a view around the VC on the 4th press I go from co-pilot side to a 2D shot of the instruments and guages, my cursor then changes from an arrow to a windows busy indication. Press "A" again and I get back to the original VC but my cursor still continues to show the busy ring, I can not use the cursor again for switching or dialing as it continues to show busy.

On aircraft that do not have a 2d panel I get the dreaded half black screen and busy cursor (then I curser *!**"). I know I do need the 2d's for pop ups in the vc so it looks like I will have to suffer..

Unless someone know's better, (Mr B) by chance?

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Here's a link to the aircraft.cfg and the panel.cfg from the SDK. It might help.

The camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file are the views when pressing the "A" key.

I do know for a fact that that the [windows00] numbering in the panel.cfg do have to be in sequential order, so if you hash one out be sure to correct the numbers just as you would for the gauges listed inside each section. These are only for the popup windows using Shift+1-9 and do not affect the camera definitions. Shift+1([window00]) will bring up the 2d. Pressing F10 will also bring up the the 2D panel but these views are set by default and I'm not to sure where these are brought from.

There are alot of things I haven't figured out yet and someone that designs aircraft would know alot more. There certainly is quite of bit of learn'in to be had when tackling the files in FSX. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these default views are listed somewhere else such as in the model files or the default and saved FLT(flight files) which also include camera and panel definitions. But as far as the views cycled using the "A" key, which sometimes include the 2D panel, I believe this is all centered in the aircraft.cfg.

The dreaded half black bar that shows in the bottom half of the 2D selection view can be adjusted by changing/increasing the size of the Size_Y= value at the bottom of the panel.cfg file in this section:

[Default View]





This is the pixel size of the graphic screen that shows, behind it is black screen.

I have also gotten that cursor loading thing happen to me when messing around in the panel.cfg file once. Never figured out what I did wrong. I think I deleted the files and started from scratch. It was a payware aircraft and they sometimes do things differently in their files and if you mess around in them it confuses FSX because they do not follow the SDK default guidelines.

Hope this helps because if your like me you will be confused, always. :stars:

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