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Hi March,


I've been away for a few days otherwise I would have joined in, I've had experience of the hangar placement software as well.


I guess you have it all figured now, the software was designed for FS2004 SDK and I had exactly the same problem when placing my Hangar in FSX.

Trial and error is the best explanation.


This was one of my bases at Tahiti! 






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Thanks Joe,


@Brett - hope I catch you before you go to all the trouble (maybe you want to).


Next up - why does my hangar come back in all Black? (no worries, I backed it up) I couldn't edit the signs with FSRepaint because it doesn't recognize the hangar as an aircraft so I gave it a try in Paint.Net. That did the edit just fine, but the resultant texture file "Outside Hangar.BMP" shows up solid black when I try to use the file. 


Brett, you mentioned DXTBmp and I found it no problems on the internet. I see what you mean by trial and error.




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DXTBmp is a jewel. I'm not an expert but have used it a little. As I understand it, FS bgl files are typically saved in one of several flavors of "compressed bitmap" formats.


If you're going to edit one, you have to put your edited version back in the same format you found it in. That's where DXTBmp comes in - it converts a compressed bitmap to a standard one and sends it to the editor of your choice. After working with the file, it is sent back to DXTBmp which converts it back to the required compressed bitmap format so it will work correctly in FS.


That's about 110% of what I know about it.



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:thum: Looks good March. If you make the sign to fancy it will make it harder to read.


@Rob- You said above "I also had the problem of the hangar been at a totally different heading to what I wanted it to be, eventually I managed to figure out a formula/calculation so that I could enter the wrong heading in ADE but get the right one in FSX :wacko2:


Care to share the formula/calculation with us Rob?

Also one thing that was never answered here was, is it ok to add decimal numbers to the heading input and will/does it make it more accurate?

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 I think Rob is talking about inputting to ADE which is Airport Design Editor. 


I'd have to make up the formula. It's described in the text of my post, above.


You take the aircraft heading (facing into where you want the door to be) and add the westerly variation (or subtract easterly) and that's the number you plug in to the software. In my example, the aircraft heading was 042 degrees. To that, I added the westerly variation of 18 degrees and put 060 into the installer.


On your other question, I doubt that it is necessary to work to greater (directional) accuracy than the three digit input field. After all, you'd be darn good to detect the difference between, say 060.3 and 060.7. The first you would input as 060 and the second, 061. Rotation of the building +/- one degree is pretty accurate. I have not actually tried working to decimal detail. I expect you'd have to carefully line up an edge with a fixed reference, then do the installer thing a few times and observe the result.


The co-ordinates, on the other hand, benefit from the four decimal accuracy. One degree is one nautical mile of longitude = (6076 Ft). So, 0.1 = 607ft, 0.01 is 60ft, 0.001 is 6 ft and 0.0001 is 0.6ft or 7 inches.


We're getting this thing nearer the reticule.


I won't renege on my promise to finish writing up the install procedure. I just need a bit more time.




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