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X-Plane 10 64Bit scenery demo

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Hi guys.

The X-Plane forum's been a little quiet lately so I though I'd post this cracking video here that I found to show off some of XPX's progress. Firstly, as the title suggests, the sim is now available with both 32bit and 64bit versions. Currently 10.20b5 is the latest available beta and it introduces some new scenery art pieces, buildings and things and there's more to come. However, performance in 64 bit is very good and the following video shows how nice Xpx can look (albeit with a little help from fsx :-) ) anyway enjoy.

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Depends on the scenery I guess. I know aerosoft have on occasion have said use in P3D is ok. I think the general policy is 'turns blind eye' with aerosoft and Xpx. Personally I agree that it seems a little 'off'.

However, and this is a bit of armchair lawyering here, I believe that the eu recently introduced a law governing EULA's and consumer rights. Iirc and I stress, I'm not sure, the law now basically says that once you've purchased the software, you can do what you like with it. It only applies in the eu though and even coves reselling of downloaded content.

In the end though, I don't think developers are going to police converting thier scenery to xp using fsx2xp unless someone tries to resell the converted scenery as thier own creation.

Jess B

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Yep, I guess sensible applications are O.K. - like if you convert an FSX add-on (that you've paid for) to run on your own X-Plane set up. But it gets a bit 'iffy' if you pass it on.

And Thanks for the heads up - I wasn't aware how compatible FSX was with X-Plane. So I suppose you can use gmax for scenery/aircraft design, too - excellent.

BTW, does X-Plane have Missions, yet?

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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