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3 Pieces Of News From @justflight

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Just Flight Pick & Mix:


Our new and fairly novel Pick & Mix offering sees its second outing this weekend.  For 72 hours we are offering flight simmers the chance to pick up a couple of their favourite airliners at real knock-down prices.  From a selection of 6 you can pick up any two for just £22 / €27 / $33, saving up to £34 / €43 / $51! Or all 6 are available for just for £60 / €75 / $90!

Details of the latest deal can be found here:

And we promise to bring customers more of these deals in the future so keep an eye out for the Pick & Mix branding on the Just Flight site.

146 - 200/300 Jetliner:

Our 146-200/300 Jetliner is now available in boxed format as well as download. 


The Boxed edition includes all the content from the Download edition PLUS the Livery and FMC Expansion Pack which is sold as a separate Download - you get the 146-200 and 146-300 model along with a total of 39 liveries and the F-Lite style Flight Management Computer which you can install if you like the convenience of flying with this modern equipment.

The Boxed DVD-ROM edition of 146-200/300 Jetliner comes with a printed 84-page manual and is priced at £31.99 / €39.95 / $48.99, with free p&p to UK addresses.


And finally.  work’s progressing nicely on the L-1011 Tristar and the Eurofighter and we hope to have both released within the next month or two.  Expect to see more news on these in next week’s Newsletter including a couple of new preview videos.

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