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Does anyone know if there exists a standard FSX keyboard command for ... "APU on / APU off" ... ??

I am trying to get every last cockpit control onto my Go Flight system (ie no mouse!!) ... but the default B737 for example (as far as I can see) has the APU startup "embedded" in the overhead panel (which is just one guage??), so I cant even get at it with FSUIPC!!


Any ideas? ... David

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Sure I would. In that keyboard assignment area, click/highlight the command that you want to add a new keystroke for. Click on the New Assignment button. A popup will appear with a box for inputting the new keystroke you would like to use. Type in the the key sequence.You do not actually type in the keystroke command as much as you actually make the keystroke. 

Up top of the popup, an info bar will tell you if the keystrokes are already in use for something else. When this happens you can either press the Clear button and try again until the info bar says that the key or button is available. Or just let it override it's original intent and press the OK button. The popup will disappear and you will see your new assignment listed to the right of the command on the Buttons and Keys tab. 

Hope this helps.

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