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Quotes from registrations and other contacts:

Just downloaded the test flight info, will get it done soon. Can't wait to see what Andrew has cooked up this year!

Thanks for the invitation, looking forwrad to some tough bunney flights! Your hard work is already much appreciated.

Are we hauling grease this year?! Great to see the MEBAR back.

Had last year off so looking forward to another year on the MEBAR. Many thanks.

Ernie, Nancy, and I are looking forward to MEBAR 2019.

Thanks for doing this again. I had to abort last year to go into hospital as my wife thought that should have priority.

Thanks for organising MEBAR once more!

Happy to join again for the 4th time!

Second MEBAR, this time in my home country ! Great choice and looking forward to it !

My first MEBAR, should be fun!

Arghhhhh, London, this is Nighthawk calling, arghhhhh, over!

: Hi Mebar Team, many thx for doing another great Mebar event. This is my second time and I know for sure it will be great fun.

Glad to be on board again!

I'm all fueled up and ready to go ...

Many thanks for another Mebar - looking forward

Lovely chaps, looking forward to this one again!

My first experience with this!

Looks like it is going to be a fantastic MEBAR yet again...thanks to the hard work of all the guys and gals at Mutley's MEBAR event 2019. Really looking forward to it thanks again one and all.

Yahoo! I've been looking forward to this since last year's MEBAR!

Quotes from flight leg 1:

Great shake down, Crete was higher than I was expecting!

Very scenic. Totally enjoyable. Thank you.

My weather didn't match the Weather Briefing downloads.

Checked route after flight with Google Earth, simply put, beautiful. The hard work putting the routes together is much appreciated.

first time player, hope this is right !

Watch your altitude at the last Waypoint.

The start is there :-)

A great start - enjoyed!

Interesting flight. Trickier, but more time to fiddle than in the P-51, so I guess it's sort of a wash.

Gee a topographic chart would've been useful ... a wall of mountain suddenly appearing out of the clouds as I'm trying to navigate the VOR and NDB intersection .... is quite a surprise! Good lessons here ...

My first significant flight in this aircraft. One thing I've come to learn about the MEBAR: I am virtually guaranteed to get into an exciting predicament. Landed with Fuel gauges on EMPTY!

All behind this year have mercy new to P3D, but still a great flight, great to be at this years MEBAR. I really look forward to it every year. I can only get better:-)

Very enjoyable. The last time I was here it was on a yacht in '91

Interesting ultra-low res mountains in Crete. Usual "quality" Hangar landing!

Some grey legs but also some good clouds!

ooong leg.... :-)

Very nice flight, I got to thinking wouldn't it be nice to do this route for real...ah well we can dream. Spectacular scenery from LGKR; yet again hats off to the team at Mutley's.

Quotes from flight leg 2:

Nice navigational stuff in this one, and a really high bump to traverse.

Nice flight, but kinda hazy.

Certainly brushing up dormant skills !!

mn good thing I couldn't see anything out the windows!

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