Learjet 24B
For FSX / Prepar3D Published by Lionheart Creations
Reviewed by Andrew Godden
December 2014


The Learjet is one of the most iconic aircraft in the history of aviation. With its distinctive, sleek style, the high pitched whine of its engines, and the wingtip fuel tanks, it has captured the imagination of generations. As a youth, I would spend countless hours at the local airport, fascinated by the beauty of the Learjet. With camera in hand and no airport security to speak of back then, I would spend hours on the ramp, shooting off rolls of 35 mm black and white film and capturing the Learjet from every conceivable angle.

Commencing with the Learjet 23 in 1964, and being part of the generation of aircraft responsible for creating a completely new market for fast and efficient corporate / executive air transport, the Learjet has been synonymous with the business jet aircraft category for over 50 years. With some 14 models produced and two still in current production, the Learjet is destined to continue this influence.

Different models of the Learjet have been included in Microsoft Flight Simulator since the release of Flight Simulator 3.0 in 1988. Over the years, there have been a variety of freeware versions of the Learjet available, however, the aircraft has never been a major focus for payware developers. Lionheart Creations have had a wonderful focus on creating both unique and iconic aircraft and Bill Ortis and his team now add the Learjet 24B to this range.


The Learjet 24B is a twin turbojet engine, high speed, business jet. With a crew of two and seating for five passengers in the typical configuration (up to six passengers in a maximum seating configuration), it is powered by two General Electric CJ610-6 turbojet engines.

Developed as a successor to the Learjet 23, improvements in the Learjet 24B included: more powerful engines, increased cabin pressurisation, a fire extinguishing system for the engines, and auxiliary fuel in the wingtip fuel tanks. With the first flight taking place in January 1966, the Learjet 24B was introduced into service in November 1966 and saw a production run of 259 aircraft across six variants until the end of production in 1977.

Availability and Installation

The Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B is currently available direct from the Lionheart Creations web site and Lionheart Creations resellers as a 'download only' product (some resellers also offer a master back-up CD / DVD service for a minor additional cost). It is priced at US$34.95, or the equivalent on currency cross rates. The download file size is 555MB and it requires 1.2GB of HDD space for installation. An ‘activation key' is issued on purchase and is used during installation and the installation process is intuitive and seamless.

Model Features

The model features listed by Lionheart Creations for the Learjet 24B include:
        • ultra-high definition quality textures (4096 x 4096) on the exterior and some interior textures;
        • super detailed instrument panel with almost all gauges operational;
        • new code technology features hold down starter switches that flip upwards after start-up for 'generator charge' mode;
        • high detail interior features 3ds Max shading technology for subtle shading and highlights;
        • panel lights, and forward and rear cabin dome lights are on separate circuits and light circuit switches;
        • passenger and cargo versions with the ability to hide the passengers and cargo;
        • autopilot system replicates the capabilities of systems of the era;
        • spoilers cause a plume of vapour trails when extended at speed; and
        • numerous alarm sounds for 'gear up', 'engine fire', 'overspeed', and many more events.

Note: The Learjet 24B is not compatible with DX10 mode in FSX.

Visual Appearance

General. The Learjet 24B is so iconic and distinctive and Lionheart Creations have accurately captured the beautifully classic lines of the 24B.

Exterior. The Learjet 24B is distinguished by its small, sleek size, and classic Learjet elongated nose, windshield, cabin access door, and wingtip fuel tanks. Not unlike other Learjet models, the 24B is reflective of the classic Learjet lines. For quality and attention to detail, Lionheart Creations have done a very good job modelling the 24B. The ultra-high definition textures are crisp and the lines are sharp, though the portrayal of some of the surface textures appeared somewhat artificial. A comparative review of photographs of real world aircraft to the Lionheart Creations rendition reveal the exterior shape and dimensions to be very accurate and an excellent representation of the real world aircraft. There were some minor noted variations, however, these are considered to be related to real world production variations or artistic licence on the part of the developer.

Corporate Travel

Thoroughbred Design

The Pointy End

Wingtip Fuel Tank Detail

Interior. Lionheart Creations have modelled the interior in both a corporate transport and cargo configuration. The cockpit represents the layout typical of the aircraft and the era, as does the cabin area. The textures on the interior are good, but, in some instances, provide an ordinary look and feel. There is also a noted problem with the flash of the beacon light under the fuselage showing through in the cabin. Nonetheless, a comparative review of photographs of real world aircraft to the Lionheart Creations rendition reveal the interior shape and dimensions to be accurate and, overall, the interior is a reasonable representation of the real world aircraft. Taking into account the various avionics suite fit out options available, the panel layout was reflective of researched real world panel layouts. Any noted variations were minor are considered to be related to real world production variations or a degree of artistic licence on the part of the developer.

The Cockpit

Passenger Configuration

Cargo Configuration

Flight Instruments. With the exception of the Garmin GNS 500 GPS unit, the flight instruments are totally analogue. The instrument panel is reasonably accurate, allowing for fit out variations and some artistic licence, and instruments are clear and easy to read. Naturally, at lower zoom ranges, some of the clarity and detail is lost on the smaller instruments and panel labelling and these can be difficult to read, however, various alternative cockpit camera views are available to provide more detailed views. There was a noted alignment issue with a number of the annunciator lights on the annunciator panel and this is somewhat visually distracting. Some aspects of the panel exhibit some functional latitude, compared to reality, in the interests of 'fun flying' and this is taken into account in this review. The various instruments are fully covered in the supplied manual and are deserving of a read at some stage. Various 2D pop-up screens are also available to supplement the virtual cockpit views, including a 'Flight and System Notes' clipboard which provides aircraft specification data and procedural checklists. I encountered problems when scrolling the pages on the pop-up clipboard in that after the first few pages it would return to the front page and stop scrolling. After receiving feedback from the Lionheart Creations, the clipboard has extra 'blank' pages which, if you continue to scroll beyond page five, gives the impression of it having frozen. To avoid any problems, simply scroll forward and back within the five page limit. Lionheart Creations are aware of this and hopefully a subsequent service pack will correct this.

Instrument Panel

Pilot Position

Radios & Engine Instruments

Electrical Switches

Fuel System & Autopilot

Flight Systems. The autopilot system and fuel system, and their respective operations, are both replicated very nicely. Some aspects of the autopilot system, again, exhibit some functional latitude, compared to reality, in the interests of 'fun flying'. The fuel system includes fuel dumping and manual transfer operations and requires attention in flight to avoid a possible fuel starvation incident. The operation of the fuel system can appear quirky and can take some getting used to. READ THE MANUAL! As stated in the manual, you should never land with fuel in the wingtip fuel tanks. Any attempt to do so, will present a warning on 'short finals'. BE WARNED! The link between the operation of the fuel system switches on the 2D pop-up and the Virtual Cockpit presented inconsistent anomalies in the operation of the fuel dump process and the safety covers on the wingtip fuel tank dump switches do not deactivate the dump switches when closed. Furthermore, during a fuel dumping procedure, once the wingtip fuel tanks are empty, fuel vapour trails continue to display in the external views. Basically, whenever you activate the fuel dump switches, regardless of tank condition, a fuel vapour trail is displayed. Note: Due to the programming associated with this model, you cannot perform a 'cold and dark' start-up using another aircraft's file. This is well explained in the manual and 'cold and dark' start-up files are available, so, again, READ THE MANUAL!

Models and Liveries. There are two models, passenger and cargo, and eight individual liveries (a selection only shown below) provided with the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B, each having a unique aircraft registration number. A paint kit for aircraft painting enthusiasts is available from the Lionheart Creations web site.



Eagle Med

Air Cargo

Animations, Lighting and Sounds

The animations of the primary and secondary control surfaces and other moving elements on the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B are all modelled faithfully and include: :
        • primary control surfaces – ailerons, elevator and rudder;
        • secondary control surfaces – flaps and spoiler;
        • others – retractable gear, rolling wheels, and cabin door open / close; and
        • various static ground elements.

Parked Up - Exterior

Parked Up - Interior

The lighting and lighting effects on the Learjet 24B are a good representation of the real world aircraft. In particular, the interior lighting control, which provides detailed night light effects for the instrument panel, cockpit, and the cabin are good and is a reasonable representation of the night lighting seen in photographs of real world aircraft.

Cockpit Lighting

Cockpit and Cabin Flood Lighting

Cabin Flood Lighting

The sounds of the 24B are also quite good and are representative of the real world aircraft. The high pitched whine of the engines, in particular, is replicated very nicely.

General Characteristics and Performance Specifications

The general characteristics and performance specifications for the Learjet 24B are provided in the table. This is based on data from the official Learjet 24B Pilot Operating Handbook, data provided by Lionheart Creations, and general research sources. Some of this data varies between sources and also may be an approximation due to variances in data and the specific aircraft modelled by Lionheart Creations.

Flight Performance

A specific Test Flight was conducted from Merimbula (YMER) to Esperance (YESP) to test the flight performance of the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B. The flight was conducted in clear weather with a full fuel load and the aircraft at maximum take-off weight (MTOW). A cruise altitude of FL450 was adopted and the route distance was approximately 1,384 nm. The route was particularly chosen to provide a basis upon which to test the range characteristics of the Learjet 24B. Like most aircraft of this type, adjustments must be made to fuel / pax loading to remain within the MTOW limitations.

In Flight

Flying Pleasure

The aircraft was easy to taxi. With a flaps setting of 'Flaps 1' (8°), aircraft rotation occurred at approximately 120 knots indicated air speed (KIAS) and the aircraft easily maintained the high rate of climb it is renowned for, and the pure power and speed of the Learjet 24B was evident in the initial climb phase. Required adjustments to the rate of climb were necessary at higher altitudes until the aircraft was established at the cruise altitude.

During cruise, an engine RPM setting of 80% was established. This cruise setting produced an average speed of approximately Mach 0.85, (490 KTAS, 235 KIAS), a fuel flow rate of approximately 1,500 lb/h, and an endurance consistent with the range characteristics of the aircraft. There was a noted variance in speed performance compared to the performance specifications provided by Lionheart Creations. The performance specifications indicate a cruise speed of 260 kts at FL450. Attaining this speed is not possible without exceeding the maximum speed of Mach 0.87. The Test Flight confirms the modelling of the aircraft for range performance to be reasonably accurate and the detected variance in the speed does not significantly impact the range performance of the aircraft.

Spoiler Vortex Trails

Landing Gear

Configured for landing, with full flaps, and trimmed for a rate of descent of approximately 500 ft/min, the aircraft’s approach speed was approximately 120 KIAS and it touched down at approximately 110 KIAS, with a landing roll out comparable with the specifications for the aircraft.

In testing the accuracy of the instruments, based on the measured Test Flight, the speed indications on the airspeed indicator, were consistent with the averages measured. Additionally, when establishing a set rate of climb on the vertical speed indicator, the respective gain in altitude on the altimeter was achieved within the measured minute, and a standard rate turn was achieved within the measured two minute period using the turn coordinator.

Turning for Finals

Final Approach

The performance of the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B was excellent in flight, displaying the true high speed performance and flight characteristics of this aircraft. The aircraft handles very nicely and is a delight to fly. Overall, the aircraft model displays a very accurate rendition of the flight characteristics and a reasonably accurate rendition of performance of the real world aircraft.


A 35 page manual is provided in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) for the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B. This manual is very good in explaining the various aspects and features of the aircraft and deserves some attention.

Value for Money

On a value for money assessment, the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B is considered very good. At US$34.95, it is slightly expensive, but whilst the model lacks in some aspects, it makes up for it in other detail.

Simulator Performance

The aircraft model performed exceptionally within the existing settings I have in FSX. I have most of my settings set very high and there was no need to make any adjustments. FSX continued to perform smoothly and as it would with any default aircraft.

Technical Requirements

This version of the Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B is for FSX / P3D only. Other specified technical requirements are as follows:
        • Windows XP (with SP3 installed), Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64bit);
        • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with SP1 and SP2 (or Acceleration Pack) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3d Flight Simulator v1.4 or v2.0 installed; and
        • Pentium V, 3GHz or similar, 2GB RAM, 512MB graphics card, and 715MB available HDD space.

Review Computer Specifications

The specifications of the computer on which the review was conducted are as follows:
        • Intel i7 990X Extreme 3.46GHz;
        • NVidia GTX580, 1536MB graphics;
        • 12GB Kingston DDR3 2000MHz;
        • Windows 7, (64bit);
        • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX Acceleration; and
        • additional major add-ons include: Active Sky Next, REX Essential Plus Overdrive; Ultimate Traffic 2; Orbx FTX Global BASE;
           Orbx FTX Global VECTOR; Orbx FTX Global openLC EU; Orbx FTX region series; and Orbx FTX airport series.


Lionheart Creations have delivered another little gem in the Learjet 24B. Displaying very good levels of detail, accuracy, and features, the 24B provides a balance between quality, detail and price. With high speed performance capabilities, the Learjet 24B is a fantastic aircraft and one you will enjoy flying.



The Learjet 24B is another fine product from Lionheart Creations which delivers an iconic aircraft that is fun to fly.

Ultra high definition and accurate exterior.
Excellent flight dynamics.
Very good instrument panel and systems representation.

Variations in cruise speed performance.
Some bland interior textures.
Issue with beacon flash displaying in the cabin.

   ● External Model: 9.0/10
   ● Internal Model: 8.5/10
   ● Sounds: 9.0/10
   ● Flight Characteristics (does it fly by the numbers): 9.0/10
   ● Flight Dynamics (does it feel like what it looks like): 10/10
   ● Documentation: 9.0/10
   ● Value for Money: 9.5/10

The Lionheart Creations Learjet 24B is awarded an overall Mutley’s Hangar score of 9.1/10,
with an "Highly Recommended" and a Mutley's Hangar Silver Award.