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Cessna 310R – Light GA Twin
For FSX Published by Milviz / Flight1 Software 
Reviewed by Brian (“Needles”) Buckley
Flying time 38 hours
March 2011

The C310 first flew in 1954 and remained in production until 1981, since then, many variations have transpired with various models and modifications.

The model in this package is the C310R. It has 210-520-M engines which produce 285hp each. 3 bladed Hartzell propellers and an assortment of cockpits/avionics suites.

The C310 was Cessna’s first twin engine aircraft to be out into production after World War II.  There were 1332 Cessna 310R’s built before production ceased in 1981. The C310R was the final variant of this super craft. The C310R is VFR/IFR capable and is suitable for entry level or the more experienced pilots out there.

The Download Package
Download and installation was extremely simple. Simply download and purchase the package after which, you will then get an unlock code from Type the code in and fly that’s it!

The C310R's model depicted in this package is a highly detailed replica of its real-life counterpart.

The aircraft has a max range of 1511 nautical miles and a top speed of 207 knots so you can travel far and fast with ease.

Other features of this aircraft are:

• 3 VC setups, including a customisable version, using your own gauges
• 5 different liveries
• High resolution paint kit
• 117 page manual.

5 manuals covering:

• 1 - EDM700
• 2 - GARMIN GNS 430
• 3 - GARMIN GNS 530
• 4 - GARMIN GTX 330
• 5 - Military Visualizations Cessna 310R POH
  • Highly detailed Pilots Operating Handbook: 117 pages written by a real pilot and includes all performance charts and figures. If you choose to, you can fly by the numbers, or fly as casual as you wish!

  • Although, for the purposes of this review and of course, my general flying of the C310R, the true manual starts on page 80 of the manual.

  • All manuals are in Adobe PDF format and in a standard installation, can be accessed via, ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Cessna 310R MilViz\Manuals’.

  • High quality sound set recorded from a real Cessna 310R, and programmed by Turbine Sound Studios.

  • Extremely realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects.

  • Flight dynamics tested and tuned by a real C310R pilot as well as other pilots. The aircraft flies just like its real world counterpart!

  • Avionics suites include but are not limited to: Garmin GTX 330, Garmin GNS 430, Garmin GNS 530, EDM 700 and any other 3rd party add-on avionics that you have purchased that you wish to install!

  • 2d panel available (16:9 only).

  • Aircraft features an exterior model manager that enables you to install/remove red gear, chocks, and show/hide the pilot (from external view only).

  • Ability to hide the yoke in 3D VC, or 2D cockpit enabling the pilot to access certain switches normally obscured from view by the yoke. Several functional opening doors, compartments and functional inflatable main door seal.
  • Cockpit
    This package comes with both 2D and 3 variants of the 3D VC. I must say that both the 2D and 3D VC panels are of excellent quality complete with clear, easy to read instrumentation.

    There are a total of four click spots on the 2D panel. They are defined in the manual as shown below. You very soon get used to where they are during flight.

    The 3D panels have other hot click spots which are also covered in depth in the manual. So for the purpose of this review, I shall not cover them here, suffice to say that you will find them extremely useful during your flights.


    The interior textures have been created to a very high standard indeed with some of the greatest looking leather and fabric textures around at the moment.

    The overall appearance in all versions of this craft is one of a well used aircraft. Scratches on the floorboards, creases in the upholstery etc. etc., making the interior look as real as it can.

    Everything in the cabin looks three dimensional giving that extra air of realism. Wow!

    Your brain will deceive you into thinking you are looking at a real world aircraft, such is the level of detail on the C310R.

    Included in the download are five exterior liveries, all of which are again of an excellent quality.

    There is also provision for designing your own livery in the form of a paint kit. (Other liveries and the paint kit are available from the MilViz forum, and are free to download).

    I have to mention the rivet detailing in particular as MilViz has got this absolutely spot on in my opinion.
    The reflection in the glass is also a joy to the eye. Some of the models also have a green tint to the screen and windows, further enhancing the realism of these aircraft.

    It is hard to believe that this is the first GA craft to come from the guys at MilViz. With such stunning textures as they have produced.

    Other distinguishing marks are the undercarriage scrapes and exhaust flares along the underbelly.

    Paint deterioration marks on the leading edges and around the various doors all come to make the C310R a pleasure and privilege to have in your hangar. Attention to detail appears to have been the number one objective in the MilViz camp when designing the C310R.
    The MilViz C-310R features a utility that allows the pilot to toggle on/off the pilot (exterior views only),chocks, and inlet plugs and pitot tube covers.

    You can access the Pre-flight Utility by either selecting “Shift-7” on your keyboard, or by right clicking the virtual cockpit panel to then select the “Cockpit” option.

    The utility features three selectable lights. By hovering the mouse arrow over and clicking the left mouse button, the pilot may toggle the lights off (red) or on (green). To show the pilot, the green light is toggled. To remove the chocks and plugs/covers, you toggle the green light. In short, to fly, you “green up!”

    The sounds included with this were recorded using an actual Cessna 310R and as you would imagine, are very realistic and you get a sense of being in the real world aircraft.

    From the clicking of switches to pumps and flap operations, you will not be disappointed. The manual recommends sound settings of 50% with the voice settings at 75%. These settings should enable you to hear the ATC above all the various noises coming from the aircraft.

    You will also notice a weird sound every so often which, when reading on various forums, turns out to be and I quote “is caused by an old style door seal motor that developed a pin hole in the air line of the door seal”.

    I found this to be a little annoying but not so much as to ruin my flight,  this actually happened to the owner of the aircraft the sounds were recorded from.

    There are various animations included with the C310R which you would expect from a high end add-on.

    There are four doors to open and close including, main exit, fuselage stowage and two wing luggage compartments. All open and close as smoothly as the real deal.

    There is also a pilot’s side opening window. Obviously there are also animations for the landing gear and lights. The landing light switch has three settings which is, in my opinion, an added bonus considering the cost of this add-on. The settings are: off with lights hidden in the wings, extended from the wings but switched off and finally all landing lights on. Brilliant!!

    All the switches, dials etc that you would expect from an aircraft designed for FSX are actually fully functional in the C310R and include some switches that have various functions, other than simply on or off.

    I would suggest that if you are serious about flying the C310R, you read the manuals supplied in depth. This will enable you to get to grips with not only the aircraft but also the various GPS systems supplied with this add-on. MilViz have gone to great lengths to include some exceptional manuals and it would be a travesty were you to simply ignore them. I found that by reading the GPS manuals I gained a better grasp of the intricacies of each unit supplied. I am still learning and find myself going back to the manuals over and over again so as to use the GPS systems to the best of their abilities.

    MilViz has programmed more capabilities into the default FSX PS 500 unit, giving you more realistic units in the GPS430 and 530.

    Those of you that are already conversant with the various forms of GPS systems on the market will have no trouble using those included with the C310R. I am still learning to use GPS to its full potential so it did take me a while to get through my pre-flight setups but perseverance really does pay off and makes for a truly realistic flight.

    GARMIN GNS 430 & 530

    Flight Dynamics
    The C310R from MilViz has all the flight dynamics of the real aircraft. This is no simple add-on that you can simply set the realism to easy and get away with it.

    MilViz has spared nothing when it comes to realism. You really do need to do your pre-flight checks, pre-startup checks etc etc.

    I have a Saitek Pro Flight yoke with a single throttle quadrant. This did give me some headaches at first but once I had re-mapped some switches to account for such a quality add-on, I was fine.

    It is possible to set the yoke into mode 2 or 3 and then re-map a second lever on the quadrant as a second throttle for engine #2. This worked for me.

    It is definitely worth reading ALL the checklists if you want to get the best out this excellent aircraft.

    Whilst flying the C310R, there was no apparent hit on my frame rates and I do have a tendency to switch between external and 3D cockpit views, (bad habits die hard).

    Here are the liveries included with the package.

    3D Analog
    Free Radio
    Free Radio
    3D Analog
    Free Radio

    MilViz, synonymous for developing Military Aircraft for the flight sim’ community have pulled the rabbit out of the bag for their first foray into General Aviation. And what a rabbit it is. The C310R has proved to be an excellent first GA aircraft from MilViz and hopefully this will lead to more GA craft coming from their stable
    The guys at MilViz have spared nothing in the development of the C310R as you will see when you download and install it. From the luscious cockpit and cabin to the extraordinary detailing of the exterior modelling.

    The flight dynamics are all in place also. If you don’t pay attention to flying this aircraft to the best of your ability it will sneak up and bite you. It truly is an aircraft for everyone.

    If you are in to military aircraft, download this as a training aid to faster machines. If you are in to GA flying, download this now. You will not be disappointed.

    The accompanying manuals are also works of art. They are brimming with all the facts and information you will ever need, to get behind the yoke and take to the skies.

    If you are a newcomer to twin engine general aviation aircraft, take your time and read the documentation and practice flying with reduced realism settings and use the Free Radio setup. That way it will ease you into what is, in my opinion, a brilliant aircraft for your hangar.


    After having so much fun learning and flying the C310R from MilViz, I have to award it a Mutley’s Hangar score of 9.5/10.
    Superb guys, very well done! I look forward to more GA from the MilViz stable.

    Mutley's Hangar score of 9.5/10

    Brian Buckley
    Review machine Spec:
    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.15 hz | 4Gb 800Mhz DDR2 Ram |GTX285 Graphics |Windows 7 64bit

          System Requirements
    • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or FSX SP2 required)
    • Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 with the latest Service Packs
    • Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel or equivalent advised)
    • 1 Gb RAM (2 Gb recommended)
    • 512Mb graphic card
    • 300Mb hard drive space