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Constellation Professional – Expansion Pack C
For FSX Published by Just Flight
Reviewed by Rob Scott
September 2010

The Just Flight Constellation Professional is my favourite prop-liner for FSX, there isn't anything else I've found yet that comes close to it. It allows us to fly in a classic aircraft from a by-gone era when pilots did the flying and the planes had character. I have previously reviewed the Constellation Professional for Mutley's Hangar

This is not a re-visit of that review, but a follow up now that Just Flight have released some expansion packs

Over the last 12 months or so Just Flight have taken the step to release the initial add-on and then follow it up with expansion packs. Whilst this is not popular with some people as they feel that they are being short changed, it is something I am happy to see as it provides another source of revenue for the developers, and it allows the end user to only install the liveries that they really want.

As an exercise, count up how many different liveries you have in your hangar, and then count up how many you actually fly with on a regular basis. Can you see my point now? Admittedly if you buy all 3 base packs this will take your total investment to just under £45, but there are developers who charge more than this just for their base packs. By splitting the base pack and expansion packs up, Just Flight can keep the costs down for the end user.

Just Flight have recently released 3 expansion packs for the Constellation Professional: A, B & C. This review focuses on Expansion Pack C, but for reference the liveries included in the other two packs are below.

Expansion Pack A Liveries Expansion Pack B Liveries
  • Air France
• Eastern Airlines
• Royal Air Maroc
• Lufthansa
• Flying Tiger Line
• Sabena
• Irish International Airlines
  • US Navy (Antarctic)
• Blue Angels
• USN AEW Earlybird
• USAF AEW Earlybird AEW (radar nose)
• Air Ceylon – long nose
• Qantas – long nose
• Varig – long nose

All 3 expansion packs are available as a download from the Just Flight website, priced at £7.99/€9.95/$11.99 and comes as a 103mb download, which doesn't take too long thanks to Just Flight's fast servers. For what you are getting I think that this represents excellent value for money. When you have made your purchase and downloaded the installer, installation only takes a matter of minutes using Just Flight's on-line activation procedure.

What's Included in Pack C?
You get a total of 6 liveries covering 4 variants of the Constellation. These are:

• Capital Airlines

• Western Airlines
• Delta
L749 with Speedpack
• Western Airlines

L1049H with tip tanks
• Northwest
• Real

My personal favourite is the Delta livery, closely followed by the Real livery. Whilst there aren't as many liveries included in Pack C are there are in Pack's A & B, rest assured that they are all of a very high quality. The pack also includes modifications to the existing add-on, now giving you the L749, L749 with Speedpack and L1049H models. So where you loose out on liveries, you gain on models.

Each new livery is not only applied to the aircraft, but also to the mobile passenger steps to give that really authentic feel. All the new textures have been developed specifically for FSX and have bump mapping to create ultra realistic airframe skins, specular material effects replicate the signature metal airframes and the high definition DDS textures are very frame rate friendly. The package is also DX10 compatible.

If anything I think that the bare metal textures are a little too reflective and can look unrealistic when you get close up to them. But for normal screen shots they look just fine.

The attention to detail on the liveries is superb, right down to the dirty marks on the wings left by the exhaust gases as they exit the engines. It's nice to see these old liveries looking old and weathered. I don't think the effect would be the same if the aircraft looked like it had just left the factory. Although the paint work isn't scuffed and scratched (that would have been even better) the weathered look of the airframe still comes across well.


During flight there is no different in FPS compared to flying the original Constellation Professional Base Pack, but I wouldn't expect to see any adverse effect on performance as the liveries have been designed in the same way as the base pack liveries.

The liveries look fantastic from all angles and are a welcome change from the all too common Lufthansa, BA, AAL, Air France etc... liveries that seem to dominate airports no matter which add-on AI pack you buy. The nostalgia just oozes from this aircraft, combine it with some 'golden-oldie' liveries and you're all set for a trip down memory lane.

A welcome addition to a fantastic airliner. The price is very reasonable and the included liveries are all very high in detail and have no affect on FPS when compared to the base pack liveries. I like that fact that the textures all have the weather beaten effect which only adds to the realism.

My only criticism would be that the reflectivity of the textures seems to be a little too much.

You will need to own the base pack in order for the expansion packs to work, if drive space is not an issue and you enjoy having as many  variations as possible then this add-on is for you.

I'm please to award this expansion pack a Mutley's Hangar score of 8.5/10

Rob Scott
Review machine Spec:
Intel Core2 Quad 2.40ghz | 4gb DDR2 RAM |Nvidia GForce 880GTX |Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

      System Requirements
  • Constellation Professional (Download or Boxed)
  • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or FSX SP2 required)
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 with the latest Service Packs
  • Pentium 2.5 GHz (Duo2Core Intel or equivalent advised)
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 128Mb graphic card
  • 992Mb hard drive space