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  2. Shortage in the US because of stupidity and red tape, thanks to the UK for all your support.
  3. Nicely done Frank, beautiful place even though the land is allergic to trees. Thanks for giving a name to the faces of all those islands. I'm guessing you didn't use real world weather because every time I flew around there it was foggy and rainy, lol.
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  5. Join me in the Cub in MSFS for a tour of the remote, rugged, scenic Western Isles (or Outer Hebrides), Scotland, UK - airstrips, beaches, lochs, mountains, cliffs, lighthouses, castles & more. Part 2 of 2. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  6. Colonoscopy (Smile, you're on candid camera)
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  8. Hey guys! It is as real as it gets so far in the world of general aviation for MSFS. Yes Brett, your purchase will include some other livery colors. Perhaps the mixture handles do not ratchet loud till advanced a little way in. You could be right! Not sure if you guys fly the big stuff. The Airbus A320 modelled by FENIX is due out very shortly and it is the cream of the crop as far as commercial jets go for this sim. Cheers!
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