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  4. Thanks for sharing Frank, I like the historical information WWll created many fascinating airfields.
  5. Beautiful time of the day for that flight and very scenic area. As usual your editing is impeccable which makes for a wonderful video. Looks like FENIX did a great job on that bird.
  6. My first flight in Europe! Mini-documentary on the Engadin Airport with multiple camera views of the approach through the Swiss Alps. We fly from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden to the St. Moritz/Samedan (Engadin) Airport and perform the visual approach with RNP guidance. The Airbus A320 by FENIX Simulations is a full immersion aircraft for the MSFS platform. Full flight plan route is provided for this 35 minute flight covering 194 nautical miles.
  7. I once walked the Ridgeway in a pantomime Camel outfit, with two friends. One was in the camel with me and the other was dressed as an Arab sheikh. We raised a few thousand pounds for charity. Good times.
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