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  2. Peking Duck...with spring onions and a touch of Hoisin sauce. All wrapped up in a pancake, yum, yum.
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  4. Thanks for sharing Dave it was very interesting to see that flat spin, I don't think I have achieved that in decades of flight simming!
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  6. Making sure you know what to do when your aircraft stalls is required learning but how about spinning? In this video I use X-Plane to explore the 'world of spin' and look at the different categories that may catch the unwary. Can I recover from the terrifying 'flat spin'?.... Time to shut your eyes and hope for the best. If you like this video and would like to see more, please subscribe to my channel: Simmo2Sim Please enjoy!
  7. "Warts and all". said to have originated in the instructions given by Oliver Cromwell to the painter Peter Lely.
  8. A lot worse since they altered the type of settings, Humidity and density
  9. Since SU7 these clouds look totally different
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