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  3. I realize that it will be a study sim, but also Just Flight tend to have easy options to fly their pro- level stuff. I notice that they have a panel so that you can have it ready to fly if you do not want to do a cold and dark start. I must admit that I love the one that they marketed for FSX some years ago, and also released a load of textures including the RAF version which I really liked. I am glad that RAF texture is with the new one! Like you, I am impressed with their in house stuff...particularly the Tornado and am looking forward to the F.3 when it comes out as that is on my wi
  4. Just Flight are pitching it as a "professional-level" add-on, and it is an in-house production. Their previous in-house developments have been superb and it has an impressive feature list. I think for a product at this price point should have some limited demo available as if you if don't have the skill or knowledge to fly it it's much better to find out before dishing out the spondulips.
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  6. Ok..the new Just Flight BAe-146 is finally out. It's been a long wait but it looks very nice. I must admit that I am surprised at the price ($84.99), which leads me to this question.... How much would you pay for a quality add on for any flight sim? I must admit that this is about the most that I am prepared to pay at the moment and I would turn down most at this price unless I REALLY like the plane. I must admit that I REALLY like the BAe-146 family.... I wouldn't pay that much for their Boeing 747 though, as I have a pretty good one, even though it is for P3Dv3. Martin
  7. They've announced the next World Series addon for February, and it's going the be the UK. Yay!
  8. I can thoroughly recommend it Arnie. I would definitely have another go at downloading, now that the hype of it being released has died down a bit.
  9. Clive Lloyd, a great West Indies and Lancashire cricketer.
  10. Thanks Brian. Must say I am beginning to get the urge to retry downloading. Think it's gone to top of the list of things to do in the New Year.
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