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  2. I had issues with this update. I emptied my Community folder before doing the update then i reinstalled my content of the folder back in. In my case i was getting all the third party aircraft causing a CTD on loading them, so that is to say my Carenado, Just Flight and Milviz aircraft. After many attempts to rectify this i was giving up. I then read on the official MSFS forums that if Developer mode is on in the sim that is the probable cause. I know i had it set to on so i then set it to off and exited the sim. I uninstalled the mentioned aircraft and then reinstalled them and they all n
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  5. Wow, what a selection! I love the line up of the Frecce Tricolori
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  7. Thanks Tim, one would think based on the content of the update that MS would have an idea of what could cause a conflict but like you said it's MS. I do miss the FSX file structure and how to add the different addons, I do understand that this is a new sim but what were they thinking, lol.
  8. Great presentation as always Michael
  9. Missing pictures. https://www.flickr.com/photos/192762518@N02/shares/t4FF90 https://www.flickr.com/photos/192762518@N02/shares/20WX3z
  10. Hello. I have tried to fly a 737 to Kathmandu in Nepal. After making the route in Navigraph and choosing VOR for RWY 02, I have used this for the most part. But ends up completely wrong in the approach, see the pictures.Navigraph says VEPT / 07 DCT MOVRI DCT RATAN DCT GURAS VNKT / GURAS.D02 But after preparing FMC with DEP and ARR, LEGS says the following, which sends me completely off the route: MOVRI ROMEO RATAN GURAS FD108 60VO2 40VOR MD108 RW02. This looks more like an RNAV route, as the SIMLINK arrow shows. What did I do wrong in FMC programming?Regards Paal Ronningen
  11. The launcher (in the MS Store, or on Steam) always updates with a new release. At least it has so far. You may not notice though, if you have auto update enabled for the store. Every update seems to break some Addon content (remember, this is Microsoft...). Sometimes it just stops working, sometimes it causes a crash. Received wisdom these days is to empty your community folder, do the update, then gradually reintroduce stuff and see what breaks.
  12. Nice paints and screen shots JK.
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