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  2. Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry. (Band formed in Leeds, UK 1981).
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  4. A T-6 of the All Weather Flying Center, 1947. jk1588 jk1586 jk1589 jk1602 jk1603
  5. Oops sorry I didn't see this. I will post soon.
  6. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men . . .
  7. ....Mmmm...no doubt what will probably happen to the PMs plans today; but then I could be wrong.
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  9. jankees

    kiwi porter

    jk1544 jk1557 jk1555
  10. Here is my short list of things to consider in any PC: 1. What are the optimal hardware specifications for the software that you will be running? (In the case of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which many of us may want to add to our systems, currently optimal specifications are unknown). 2. The motherboard. Everything, including the CPU, is a peripheral to the motherboard. Choose the motherboard carefully. It's arguably the most important component! 3. A CPU that can be overclocked. (Just don't overdo the overclocking). 4. Sufficient cooling. Keep the heat down to prolong system life. 5. Install as much quality RAM as possible. Doing so will make the system run better and will prolong system life! 6. Add a SSD. A SSD increases speed and helps to prolong hard drive life. 7. Have an external hard drive for backups! Be sure your choice of backup software can backup and restore individual partitions and files as well as the entire computer. 8. A graphics card that is sufficient for the software that you will be running. 9. A high-quality power supply that supplies plenty of power. (I've tried using lesser-quality power supplies, and all of them have failed). 10. The operating system. Consider a dual-boot Windows/Linux system. Linux is fast, and there's no need to defrag your Linux partition/partitions. Running Linux is a way to prolong the life of an older computer, and X-Plane 11 can run on Linux.
  11. Manufacturer of Fire Engines and other specialist vehicles 1908-2007.
  12. mutley

    Air South

    Nice work JK, another aircraft I will have to try
  13. A good looking aircraft, we look forward to seeing what else you come up with!
  14. always nice and colorful, Air Jamaica
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