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  2. 1/48 scale model by Revell. Formerly an Eduard product. Built as part of a Great War display done by one of the modelling pages on FB. I don't normally do aircraft at this scale, and rarely do WW1 aircraft so this one was a bit of a challenge. Still a lot of swearing later and this is the result. Positioning wires and small parts with defective short range depth perception made it take long than I'd have liked. Still I'm pleased with the way it came out. Thanks for viewing, comments welcome. Thanks for viewing
  3. 10 Percent of Critical F-22 Fleet Reportedly Damaged or Destroyed by Hurricane Michael https://pjmedia.com/trending/10-percent-of-critical-f-22-fleet-reportedly-damaged-or-destroyed-by-hurricane-michael/ Illustrating once again that capping production at about 190 airframes was short-sighted. As I understand it, all that were flyable were flown out and those remaining could not be flown for some technical (or administrative) reason. I don't claim to know how the AF manages this kind of thing and this observation is, of course, made with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. I'll just say this - it seems as if, in circumstances like this, some kind of administrative process should permit limited ferry flights of high-value AC that are not necessarily fully functional, with appropriate restrictions on speed, altitude, power settings, g-loadings, pressurization, take-off weight, routing, etc. etc. when faced with this kind of environmental threat. Maybe this exists already and possibly these airframes had such serious problems that they simply could not be flown under any circumstances - I really don't know one way or the other. There are some environmental challenges to hardware that just can't be guarded against - tornadoes, for instance. This particular storm was a fast-mover and the area only had about three days of credible warnings to protect their assets, vice the normal seven or so. That may have been a factor. I suppose it's also possible that they had judged the hangar(s) to be storm-proof. If so, that turned out to be wrong. I think all of the F-22s affected were stored inside hangars, but some of the buildings I saw photos of were, though not collapsed, at least heavily damaged and opened up to the environment. Anyway, a disaster for the fleet of F-22s. I suspect some heads will roll. John
  4. That's cool, a far better view
  5. It'not a study level yet, the guy making it keeps improving it with updates. Not as good as the iFly or PMDG. But flyable with a full working FMC
  6. Fraid you got it wrong, they are the new tower's. The one on the left is up, but I am not sure if the one with the diamonds has been shelved..
  7. I have Pease AFB v2 working on Prepar3D v3. Check it out on the .NET. It's pretty cool! Dick
  8. Wifey and I had another rather quieter day at the museum today. It's a lot easier getting around when there sent a Flight Sim Show in the way.
  9. I have the P3D version and it doesn't look quite as good as this, but should the Twin Towers still be there in Downtown in tthe distance? (or have I got that wrong?)
  10. mutley

    Some XP11 GA

    Didn't realise you were at Cosford Wain
  11. Yep, do that before you install, the blue update reminder should be auctioned first
  12. just downloaded UWXP at the end of last week but been away all weekend, so once I get home later and true earth is installed we will see how it looks...it does seem more configurable....
  13. wain

    Autumn is here

    thanks for the comments...
  14. don't forget to update you FTX Central or it won't work......
  15. love the work you have done, nearly bought this a few times, how does it compare? In p3d I have the Ifly 747.....
  16. great work, like the look of these...
  17. wain

    Some XP11 GA

    nice, this is looking really good, currently installing into my sim but need to go out soon, hopefully get a look later.........was a given though that I would have it....been so excited since seeing it at cosford.....
  18. Interesting word there Alan. Traditionally, the wassail is celebrated on Twelth Night, it seems.
  19. Ouch. Good thing no serious injuries resulted - that wasn't a given and there had to be some luck involved in that. I'm guessing this guy is going to be re-assigned to civilian life as soon as he gets out of the stockade, though this being Europe maybe they'll give him a medal and a promotion instead. John
  20. In the military, when military equipment or property is damaged, there is a process for restitution called "Member to pay!". This mechanic could be paying off this one for an eternity. https://theaviationist.com/2018/10/14/f-16-completely-destroyed-by-another-f-16-after-mechanic-accidentally-fires-cannon-on-the-ground-in-belgium/
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