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  2. I don't see why not, unless it is on the list of Tariff'd products ...PM me an address and I'll look into postage costs.
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  4. dodgy-alan

    space is low!

    I have two 1tb External hard drives. I hived off a lot of rarely used aircraft into a folder on one of them and saved tons of space in the process. I also use them to store my photos and documents etc so the main PC is optimised. Always best top run a Defrag every few days and a temp file cleanup as well. then about once a week get your firewall to run a full scan to make sure nothing is slowing you down.
  5. wain

    space is low!

    Just an update... I moved the temp and tmp folders to my XP drive which has ample space.. All downloaded and installed... Nice... Todays problem was Windows closing down my WiFi card to save power.. Sorted that then the download was fine... What is it with PC's you get time to fly and they throw a tantrum..
  6. wain

    Wheelstand Pro Saitek

    @J G yeah I saw the pictures.. Good idea... I have a Nitro gaming chair.. On wood flooring with no brakes but seems to be OK....
  7. Coming Soon! - Flight Sim 2018 Date: 6th October 2018 Time: 9.30am to 5:00pm Cost: £8 in advance (includes goody bag) / £10 on the day. Free entry for under-16s when accompanied by a paying adult. Aviation fans can experience the best that virtual flight has to offer this autumn when the Flight Sim 2018 event, hosted by Just Flight, takes place at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford on Saturday 6th October. We're proud to be hosting this major one-day event for the sixth consecutive year and once again will be giving flight simulation enthusiasts a chance to try some of the very latest aircraft and other software, take a look at the new technology from specialist flight sim PC and cockpit equipment builders, have a chat with developers, publishers and fellow virtual aviators – and no doubt pick up a bargain or two! More than 30 exhibitors have already confirmed their attendance, with more expected to follow, and a full day of presentations is scheduled in the adjoining auditorium. We’re already looking forward to welcoming many of the leading companies in flight simulation, including Laminar Research, Orbx, Aerosoft and Infinite Flight. Entrance to the impressive RAF Museum is free to all visitors, so join us in October and enjoy the very best of both the virtual and the real worlds of aviation in the same venue! We guarantee a very warm welcome for new and veteran desktop pilots alike and to all aviation enthusiasts who are keen to find out more about life in the virtual skies. To save money by booking your ticket in advance and for all the show details, visit the Flight Sim 2018 show website at flightsimshow.com. Ends…
  8. J G

    Wheelstand Pro Saitek

    I have one of these, they are great. Having got mine installed, I then needed a chair that I could wheel up to it and fly. Any office chair with wheels on it is not much good. We have wood floor and so when I pushed on the rudder I went backwards and the rudder stayed where it is. So I needed a chair that had a brake on it. Locking castors were not very good. Having wheeled into position, I then had to reach down to the ground to lock the wheels.... Which promptly moved me out of position. And then I came up with the perfect answer. A wheel chair. It has good and easy to reach brakes, and as a bonus it will fold up for storage. I got mine for a tenner on gumtree.
  9. Just as an update, good news is John's laptop is now back in the land of the living but as John said, he is away so I have suggested we put the ATWC on holiday until the end of August as it would be a shame to lose John's work.
  10. ......... Generalized Regression Analysis and Spatial Prediction .
  11. Last week
  12. Oh no John, that's terrible news! Not only for you and your laptop (hope it sorts itself out), but because we might never get to read it! Can someone else work with what you do have to complete it? I would offer, but i'm away this weekend and in the big smoke early next week. Tragic
  13. Alas and Alack! The flight has been completed, the screenies selected, and most of the PIREP drafted, but the ol' faithful laptop has chosen this moment to go into very-very-slow mode, the browsers aren't browsing. and I can't even read my email. As I'm going to be away for most of the next fortnight, I regret that the saga of how I got from Banjul to Libreville, via Dakar(!) in 2 odd-looking aeroplanes, is unlikely to see the light of day in the near future. Joe, I suggest you get someone else to refly it.
  14. dolf8857

    Misty route

    Looks real nice indeed!
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