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  3. Here's a new and rather long magazine article, well written even though it does not mention some known and relevant facts. It's worth the read partly because it does a fairly decent job of tying together in layman's language some of the details of the unprecedented satellite "tracking" that was used to determine the flight path. It fails to mention the predicted appearance of the flotsam on Reunion Island by an Australian oceanographer shortly after the flight and 18 months before the flaperon was found there. It also ignores the political leanings of the captain and the fact that he'd seen his political hero, an outspoken opponent of the government then in power, convicted in court of a sexual crime on the very day of the flight. Other sources tell us he literally went from the courthouse to the airport, which seems pretty significant. The article doesn't mention any of that but I can't see any errors in it aside from errors of omission. Worth the read if you have the time and interest. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/07/mh370-malaysia-airlines/590653/ John
  4. J G


    I flew back from Rome the other day and took this photo:What are the separation rules over Europe?
  5. Nice work on the camo JK
  6. Last week
  7. Hi Marcus, please send the details to joe@mutleyshangar.com , I think my API key needs updating. Thanks, Joe
  8. We tried to submit a press release via your Contact Form page and the "I'm not a robot" checkbox does not appear to be working. We get the following error: "Robot verification failed, please try again." Please instruct on how to proceed or how to submit. Thank you, Marcus Thompson simwest
  9. Hi Dolf, were these with auto-mode? Also, what texture software do you use, as I like the cloud textures in this. I find a lot of them being too sharp around the edges and my preference is a more softer feel. Currently I use TD4 and Soft Clouds, so I could still install those textures and then put everything else on auto in Environment Force (if I get it) I was thinking of getting Sky Force but really did not see the point if I am still using Active Sky for the engine and TD4 for texture - are Sky Force textures better? Thanks, Jim
  10. Cheers looks good either way
  11. Found a great YouTube video of a guy who built a device to capture drones. Not cheap and not something you could do in your own shop unless you're pretty well equipped. I think the has > $250 just in pipe fittings but it's kind of neat to watch if not exactly practical for everyone.
  12. The textures come from REX Texture Direct. REX EF does the shading,and if you want,changes the weather very smooth if you use a weather engine. It is not working well with my freeware FSrealWXlite. Scott
  13. Superb Jim, a great tribute, those shots are making me "Dizzie"
  14. No,I am using FSrealWXlite.
  15. Interesting video. If this is indeed a simulator then I would want to know: What the PC spec is? What the geographical coverage is? what the default level of scenery is like (we are seeing the most detailed bits in the video)? How expandable it is? Does it have an SDK? Is it simple to produce things like aircraft liveries? What is the interface to peripheral hardware is like? How complex the flying model is? I could go on....and on and on. Call me a cynic but it seems to be to good to be true.
  16. Hi All, So, a short while ago, in the real world, a whole load of C-47's were flown to and from Duxford to Normandy - this was regarding the 75th commemoration of D-Day. You can find more information in the link below. https://www.daksovernormandy.com/gallery/ Poeple from the A2A Simulations forum held the same flight plan in multiplayer within the sim - as my grandad was in the parachute regiment, I felt I needed to be part of this. I did get more shots, but here are two of me being part of the multiplayer event, there were more people behind me too, so quite a good turn out. Please excuse the liveries in the images, I could not get the JoinFS Model Substitution to work in time of the flight - also, thanks Manfred Jahn for a superb FREE C-47...
  17. So as many of you know, I stream on Twitch and I have my own custom repaint that I like to have on all my planes. When I got the spitfire, I wanted to do the same, but keep the classic look and feel too. I took some inspiration from my old T6 repaint with the chrome, as well as the real world repaint of the Silver Spitfire, and obviously my personal repaint too. This is the first time I really learnt how to apply specular mapping with it's alpha - the result is it just adds that further realism and popping of the sun reflecting on the paint. Thanks for viewing...
  18. UKJim

    Carenado C172

    That looks well classy mate Great job there
  19. UKJim

    In the mist

    Love that plane - can't beat a bit of low and slow Thanks for sharing, nice shots
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