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  3. Hi March, Sorry for the late reply. The Sim is not released until Aug 18 but you can pre order it, a couple of the crew are on the alpha/beta testing and can't say much because of the NDA but the preview videos talk a thousand words, it is a game changer. We have a topic going somewhere on latest news on MSFS2020. I will get a dedicated forum up and running towards the end of next week. Safe seas March! Joe
  4. ...for those looking at something for nothing.
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  7. I was at the concert, It was truly epic!. The best gig I've ever been to.
  8. MSFS 2020 Any first impressions from the MH crew? I just received the ad on my iphone via my email connection. Looks like the software is downloadable. I can't because I've barely enough bandwidth to read the ad. I'm out on the boat doing some serious social distancing - been gone all summer, but I'll be home around the middle of August and keen to try out the new simulator. Any chance that we (that's the Royal "we", Joe) might need a separate forum to deal with this new version of MSFS? I mention this because the current MH FSX forum is really ancient. Comments, Joe? I'm a great one to talk - I've been absent from flight simming in general and MH for quite a while now but it may be time to crank up the old i7 and have a look.
  9. Pronounced Myth if you have a speech impediment.
  10. Thanks Tim. That's what I LOVE about this site...very knowledgeable folk who are all too willing to help! Hopefully I will be able to do the same for some people in due course! I think that I will now be around a bit more than I have lately, as I was getting very frustrated with my old PC and FSX and got involved in other stuff. Hopefully, things will get better now that I have a more capable PC which is optimized for gaming. (Actually, it's amazing how much quicker it does other stuff too, like Adobe Photoshop Elements.....it just zips along!) Have a great day and stay safe. Martin
  11. Region Coding - the annoying practice by studios of buggering up DVDs so you can't watch them
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