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    Welcome to Trans-Gender Airways Can I say that?
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    always nice and colorful, Air Jamaica
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    Ultimate flight captures!
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    "No one would dispute the statement that the Avro Lancaster was the finest British heavy bomber of World War II; few would even argue against the premise that it was the finest heavy bomber serving on either side during the conflict." Concise Guide to British Aircraft of World War II, David Mondey
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    jk1476 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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    jk1310 jk1312 jk1326 jk1333 jk1331
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    Fantastic shots guys!
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    Dana International's less attractive older sister starts her new cabin crew job. (Apologies...I went off looking for a good pic and got sidetracked...)
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    RuPaul buys Virgin...
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    Great set of captures, especially in RN markings. The Helldiver was initially plagued with problems and it took a long time for them to be ironed out. It went on to have a good service record eventually but was never really liked by it's pilots. The last ones were still being used by the French Navy at the start of the Vietnam War in the late 50s. Greece also used theirs in the mid 50s as well. The Royal Navy never used theirs in combat and the major order for them was cancelled with only a very low number being used as trainers. By the time the Australians were getting theirs, they had already decided that Dive Bombing was inefficient and so that order too was cancelled with all the aircraft delivered being returned to the USA.
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    Any excuse to launch a string of effing expletives.
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    Like a Virgin…….NOT!!!
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    In addition to the links that I provided above, see An Inside Look at Microsoft’s Newest Flight Simulator.
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    Time and Place to be arranged.
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    Ars Technica has an informative new article about the upcoming sim. Polygon also has an article. FSElite has an article, too. And here's a video of a real pilot's reaction: Incredible Scenery, but how does it Fly? Real Pilot 1st look: NEW Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
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    Hi Brett, I have now edited Martins post to a black colour, making it a lot easier to read. Cheers Brian
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    Absolutely awesome, as always!
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    Very nice, especially #3
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    Animated video (sharp shadows, no turbulence)...
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    I'm not going there. Marrow
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    https://www.wate.com/news/watch-live-world-war-ii-aircraft-crash-at-bradley-airport-airport-closed/ An NTSB board member, possibly probably misquoted by the press, said the plane experienced "...elevation..." problems within five minutes after takeoff. The last report I've seen indicates seven confirmed dead. There were three crew aboard (one a "flight attendant") and ten paying passengers. Paid joyrides in vintage aircraft are fairly common here. Mutley and I took one in a Ford Trimotor a couple of summers ago. They are typically owned and operated by organizations dedicated to restoring and preserving historic aircraft, as was the case with the B-17. It sounds like a runway excursion occurred during the landing, leading to collision with a building, then fire. It's unstated whether the earlier in-flight problem contributed in any way to the loss of control while landing. With an in-flight issue prompting an early return, the pucker meter must already have been deep in the yellow. The fire damage is dramatic. Airborne photos seem to indicate the empennage and one wing are separated and relatively undamaged - the rest is unrecognizable as even being an aircraft, much less a B-17. John
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    Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
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