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    The blue and grey will look great on a Cub.
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    007 is that you? Nicely done Matt, even if it was done while you were packing your bags.
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    Great set, @ nr. 1 , i can nearly hear the slo-mo rotor noise.
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    Yeah I agree, nice area and you got some good pic's of it. Thanks for getting the flight in before you zoomed off for warmer clime.
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    Verry nice set, love the wingman shot!
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    Not tried the CS777. Plenty of hours in the PMDG, and I wouldn't want to investigate any alternatives. Just my two cents.... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
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    I actually appreciated that you spared us the gore of the actual strike. We see enough of that on Family Television dramas these days...besides, those shots should be classified anyhow.
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    Moving it on was pretty much my focus here Joe I did not want to be trying to relax on a Maui beach with a beautiful lady, and have the experience marred by worry about the ATWC baton and letting everyone at the Hangar down...snort... (as iffffff)
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    Very cool. Falcons are sleek looking things.
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    I've been using DX10 (with the Fixer) exclusively for a long time now without any problems. Which isn't much help, I know — other than to suggest that it might not be entirely fair to assume that DX10 is the cause of your errors? There is such a thing as coincidence.... Cheers, bruce a.k.a. brian747
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    Hi Jim, Thanks for the feedback,try clicking/touching on the forum logo to take you home.
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    My Documents\Plan-G Files\Plan-G_Log.txt
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    Thanks guys. The location just asked me to do a video. That's one awesome place to fly into and it's just great stuff
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    Nicely done, that sky looks moody, the sort of weather where you want to be on the ground and indoors with a big mug of tea!
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    Nice one Joe, looking good. Thanks for all the work. I'll have to raise a glass later to the new look forum and all who sail on her.
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    Great work it looks nice and shiny The only kind of niggle I have about it is the mobile version - going say from the screenshots forum to home is not so simple. You have to click on the previous forums link several times. Other than that it is nice to keep it fresh and I am sure I will be getting used to it Keep up the superb work Joe, cheers!
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