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    "I said shaken, NOT stirred...DAMMIT!"
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    No Gin? It's a catastrophe!
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    Well, somebody has to start: my (current) favourite aircraft over my favourite continent, with my latest repaint of my favourite airline...
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    Thanks for taking the time out to create this well done review Andrew.
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    Ah Brett, if it were only that simple. Its like the boy who cried wolf, I've done it that often that she has become savvy to my wiley ways.
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    I too have been enjoying the heck out of this rugged little bird. Very fun. I see you got down before lights end. it's not a great night flyer for sure. This helps a bit to see the instruments at least: Getting rid of the negative sign on the cockpit light entry "adds" a VC light. Indespensible in AH when I forget to check the GMT conversion. I also bumped the landing light a few inches forward, the effect was crowding the cowling a bit...may have squeeked the nav lights outwards a bit too. (Coffee is not surprisingly a "tweaker" ) [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit 5=landing light.0 = 3, 0.117, -20.98, 1.117, fx_navred light.1 = 3, 0.117, 20.98, 1.117, fx_navgre light.2 = 1, -17.80, 0.00, 8.67, fx_beacon light.3 = 4, 2.27, 0.00, 1.47, fx_vclight //-2.27,..,1.45 light.4 = 5, 9.82, 0.714, 0.49, fx_navwhih //9.79 Also helpful for this was to add a keyshortcut to dump the water ballast...I "hose down" the runways at the start of every flight emptying the tank. For some reason when I start with an Empty Tank, it jitters and pitches all over the ramp, once the water ballast is dumped though it is fine for every other leg/ramp visit...weird... /shrug. Coffee's Cargo Carriage and Runway Cleaning service, at your service!
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    Seems like a good place for a good old-fashioned BAT file that would enable the game mode, then launch the game. Do they still have those in Win10? Click the shortcut; have the shortcut launch the BAT file and have the BAT file kill two birds with one stone. There are probably better ways to do it but I can't imagine that it would require two separate operations to start a game in the optimal mode in this day and age. John
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    A bit windy over here too...I had Mexican yesterday!!! (Sorry...couldn't resist!!!)
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    I can't say that I can put my trust in the F-35, but there is some video footage of Su-27 Flanker(s) at Groom Lake! Maybe we could use those!! I am kind of hoping that Donald Trump will reopen the F-22 production line, as he is keen for the military to get better stuff.
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    Nice shots of the Fletcher Al, a really unusual aircraft
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    He's not going to fall for that one again. I would just slip the bill in under home repairs.
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    Don't they frown on landing onto highways down there? Great series of shots Alan.
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    Very nice set Alan, love the sunsets!
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    It's OK. We have the F-22, the F-35 and a boatload of our own F-15s, F-16s and FA-18s. I think we'll be OK if Saudi Arabia decides to attack us. I'd rather see the money put into more modern aircraft than updated versions of the long-in-the-tooth F-15s. It's a shame the F-22 line was shut down after only about 190 of them were built, but we have all of them - none were sold to any other country. John
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