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    I'll be there again this year Joe, look forward to seeing you and all the crew again
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    Hi all, Here are a few pics I'd thought I'd share of Chanex 4TL coming back into Leeds after a long day down to Tenerife. Enjoy! Turning on to the ILS for runway 32 Short final Heading up to our stand On stand taking a rest before doing it all again tomorrow.
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    "Crowds admire the minimal silhouette and clean lines of the new North Korean stealth bomber." - Pyongyang Daily Herald
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    Dog 2.0....the extended edition.
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    MEBAR is now back on line.
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    FS-Snaps is now back on line - if you had uploaded any shots later than around 09.00 UTC on Saturday 16th, if you upload again to the same place with the same filenames they should show, but there is a chance FSS will create a different link in which case you may need to edit your post. If you need any help sent me a PM and I will look into it.
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    I liked this. Is that done surgically? John
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    Charlie Brown unwittingly flies over the kite eating tree.
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