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    The ultimate in low flying - the Radio Altimeter showed 10 ft agl. Lifeblood of the RAF although even this may be a little low!
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    First: EDIT: I recently learned about the new rule (no edits at all) that was passed. In my picture the contrast is changed much more than what it is in FSX. I would just like to say that no editing was used (except crop), but my ENB file was edited to get the higher contrast.
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    Final shot for June from me - touchdown at a dusky EDDT.
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    Pic 1 Pilot could you land near to that yacht please, if not the beach would do just fine.
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    You may have noticed a Like button appear against other member's posts. This has been introduced as a way to vote for screenshots in our contest. However, you can use the button if you like a post in any other forum and a counter next to the like button will increment every time it is clicked. You can like this post if you want to try it out!
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    Good luck everyone! 1) SoCal Phenom Departure Cheers, Sam.
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    Coff, Coff...Someone said smoke? Today is a good day to Spray!!!
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    (1) Touch & Go Frontier Style! Good luck all. Sam.
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    # 1 : Manfred Jahn's C 47 over Ketchikan PAKT.
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    I would rather just keep flying but sometimes you have to land to feed them
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    Flying over The Great Pyramids of Giza just before landing at Cairo International
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    Finally, Night Stalker, the awesome Dornier 335.
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    Second: American Airlines (Sorry but it's kind of hard to see the contrails.)
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    First one, Bella Italia! The Freccé Tricoloré
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    Confuzzeled here trying to figure out what you all like. Only 2 likes so far for landing a Blackhawk in Seahawk stadium...points off for unrealistic? Could be a Half Time Navy Demo show? Navy ceiling fan? Nah, it only gets "hot" 3 days a year in Seattle. This is try # two...damn I love this copter, such a fine flying thing, very confidence inspiring...still, it is a Tight fit getting down onto a small boat. I'll have to see if the Boeing Vertol fits at some point..hehe. Navy on Navy in Grey Tones. Sea King landing on what looks like either a missile destroyer or some kind of frigate class thingy. Near Bremerton, Wash. ORBx PNW Scenery, Rex Clouds, Cpt. Coffee's white knuckles.
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    An old one this, but one of my favourites:
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    Apologies to everyone for our forums and FS-Snaps being off line. On Wednesday evening (UK) our host's server decided it didn't want to play ball any more with our php scripting. Unfortunately our hosts have proven themselves to be very unhelpful considering this was a site down. I have been working behind the scenes to restore service which is difficult without admin access to the server, however I happened upon the problem, fixed it and we are cleared for take-off! So, I think I may have found a new UK host with 24/7 support obviously in the time zone as me so we may be on the move soon and will need some down time to transfer many GBs of files to a new host. It's time for a G&T and put my feet up, phew! Joe
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    Apologies of its late but here is my first ever entry. An Aeroflot Airbus A318 I had installed the freeware Airbus collection and thought i would have my 1st look at a "Big Bird". I had just gone thru the engine start up from Cold & Dark at Gatwick ! it took me about 30 minutes to get both engines fired correctly and thought i would take a screeny as i was blown away by the level of detail. The paintjob is stunning. Best wishes Glenn
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    Pic 1 Best time of the day to fly.
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    Looking good - Code share airlines. Bob
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    Boeing v Airbus or Airbus v Boeing......"Move over..!" Bob
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    OK here's an A380 departing Heathrow for Hamburg.
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    # 2 NORTH AMERICAN F-86E/F SABRE by Section F8 Team
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    Here's my favourite 'add-on' in an 'add-on', the Sikorsky S-61 by David Hardcastle in Air Greenland livery by Lars Larsen of FlightSim.gl: The scenery, Narsarsuaq-X, is also from Flight Sim Greenland. Cheers - Dai.
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    Here's Milton Shupe's DHC-7 I can't remember where I got this one!
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    This superb freeware aircraft is a fully detailed aircraft (both inside and outside the cockpit) the best freeware aircraft that I have ever found. It comes in three variants. F35A (Conventional aircraft), F35B (STOVL aircraft) shown here and my personal favorite, and the carrier version the F35C. Dino's package contains all three. More information can be found here: http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/15293/fsx-acceleration-lockheed-martin-f-35-lightning-ii-v210/ http://indiafoxtecho.blogspot.co.uk/
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    Seattle Waterfront and the Space Needle
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    2nd one - one light, sporty Italian machine versus another:
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    I'll start with a really old one:
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    And #3 : Goodluck to everyone!
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