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    An Ozzie paint for the AN-2 by AT Simulations/Sibwings jk0432 jk0419
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    Left hand down a bit, Mr Phillips!
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    I am interested to know if anyone has used VR yet on their favourite flight simulator. X-plane users rave about the Oculus Rift but it is all alien to me.
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    ..that are emerging from the paintshed jk0491 jk0486 jk0482 jk0481 almost done..
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    Nice shots - not much to look at out there, but nice weather to cruise around in.
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    A very tidy job James, can't fault it!
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    Would you believe my first flight ever was in a Harvard? PH-BKT from Gilze-rijen to Antwerp and back. You can say I have a certain fondness for the T-6...
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    Yep, , I knew her! I used to drink with her, Diana Dors and Alan Lake at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Virginia Water. She was lovely.
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    Reminds me of when I was a young lad, living in Cape Town, we used to wander around the local airfield, then used by SAAF, flying Harvards. Watched them many times. They have a very particular and noisy engine sound, especially on pitch change.
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    I agree, it's gorgeous!
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    Mmm...another Mary Millington fan, hey.
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