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    2020-1-19_23-18-13-964 2020-1-19_23-17-19-179 2020-1-19_23-17-25-138
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    jk4674 jk4679 jk4681 jk4687
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    This small Russian trijet was the spiritual successor to the Lisunov LI-2( the unlicensed copy of the DC-3). It was designed to operate into small unpaved airstrips and carry up to 30 passengers. it was very successful and was used extensively within the Soviet field of influence. It also holds the distinction in the UK of being the only jet aircraft ever to have operated the now closed Portsmouth Airport with it's short grass runways. This one is in the colours of CSAm Czechoslovakian Airlines. The kit is an old VEB item with a/m decals by Revaro. Thanks for viewing Seen alongside my TU-142 at the same scale! The difference is all too apparent.
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    Lovely captures, I have a particular affinity for the Skyraider and have quite a few of them in my model collection including a 1/48 scale AEW Mk 1. They were tough aircraft and could punch well above their weight. Skyraider AEW Mk1 Royal Navy. 1/48 scale
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    I use Lorby's AitrackerX
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    jk4609 jk4610 jk4614 jk4615
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    That cockpit looks huge, very realistic.
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    Spotted you. You'r unmistakeable h'ear mate.
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    Great pics, Love Shoreham Airport. Very historic, in fact the oldest Civil airport in Britain. A friend of mine is part of the crash team when the airshows take place. He was s one of the first on scene when the Hunter went down.
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