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    Well i am pleased to say i had the card exchanged with no fuss, i even got a better spec model for no extra cost too.
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    So I gave in and bought Xvision for XP....first try with default setting....aircraft is JF's Archer III, a little preview for you.....
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    That takes me back to my pre boarding school elocution lessons (7 years old for gods sake)...."how now brown cow".
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    See: https://www.timescolonist.com/business/island-helicopter-will-get-russian-piggyback-ride-to-chile-1.23599615 Also: https://www.cheknews.ca/large-russian-aircraft-arrives-in-victoria-to-piggyback-island-helicopter-to-chile-525393/ Quite the sight, seeing this monster landing on RWY 27 - 6998 X 200 ft. Cheers, March
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    This image shows the new particle effects in X-Plane 11.30 being used for engine exhaust.
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    Just for the record: We're using exactly the same 64-bit build. Perhaps it was the difference in helicopters, or perhaps your atmospheric conditions differed from those that I tried. It could be due to one of your plugins, too. That was an interesting experience that you had.
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    True, they do have alternate textures too in ASXP, quite good ones too. I am just trying to get a good mix of UWXP, XVision and Reshade at the moment - can spend hours just tweaking and making it look just right lol. Back to the days of FSX Still, it is all good and looks fantastic when all set up nicely.
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    Looking good - I purchased this as well and used it in conjunction with Ultra Weather XP - but I might just try it on it's own and see what I think. Also, I am looking at reshade to go along side this too. May I ask, what weather plugin/addon are you using? (if any) The one issue I have with XP11 at the moment it the fact clouds do not draw to the horizon. I have xEnviro and that does, but it does not have the functionality for custom weather. Pictures look fab though mate!!
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    After an extended period of Early Access in which something over 70 builds were released, Just Flight has announced the full commercial version is now available. https://www.justflight.com/product/air-hauler-2 Congratulations to author Duncan "Slopey" Murray for a great effort and an immersive add-on that adds tons of capability to the concept of the original AirHauler. John
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    Maurice Chevalier....Ah Yes, I remember it (or should that be them) well....(Gigi 1958)
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    ...something this retired guy doesn't want to be reminded of, thank you.
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    jk7725 jk7726 jk7727 jk7733
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    As he explained, when the fire handle is pulled, it cuts off the fuel, which seems logical. Not sure about oil supply though.
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    The pinnacle of healthy cuisine: a chip buttie
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    Lovely plane, thanks for the nice shots Wayne!
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    Thanks looks good mate
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    Just published is our review of Orbx Simulations' KGPI Glacier Park International Airport by Brian Buckley. This scenery was originally created by Russ, Greg and the crew over at Turbulent, so how's it looking? Read on...
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    Two weeks ago i treated myself to a brand new Nvidia RTX2080ti card and today it died on me!!! I put my old card back in for now but to say i am very annoyed is to put it mildly.
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