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    jk8996 jk8997 jk9006
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    for the model by Milton Shupe, available on sim-outhouse jk9053 jk9038 jk9057
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    Thank Alan. It is a simulation game, worst case I'll get some police and CAA guys beta test the app :-)
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    Climb out @2500' per minute: Leveled out at 19000' The Olympic mountains of Washington State: Onwards: Arrived at Sedona Arizona:
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    Have not been around of late due to eye operation, but can see to fly again at last. X-Plane new Epic E1000/G1000 CU
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    Chopin EPWA to LJLJ Ljubljana Saab340 trip
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    Paint available: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51018-aerobask-epic-e1000g1000-rsx4-30-version-n2612b/
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    I cheated with the second screenshot. It's from the free BNSF Scenic Route that's available with the freeware Open Rails train simulator.
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    Well, it turns out I was running a little late, so I needed something a little faster. O.K. A LOT faster: Ahhh, the SR-71. Yet another example of Kelly Johnson's genius. I found the lights fairly easily this time, despite having never flown this aircraft. Although, it take a bit of hunting and pecking to get the engines started. Hmm... I hope this runway is long enough. The team would be awfully upset if it were to run it off the end of the runway. Sheeeooooot, no problem! Climbing and accelerating very nicely. Mach 3.36!! I think I could have gotten more, but I was starting to hear some strange sounds and throttle back a touch. But still unbelievably fast! It occurs to me I should have taken a video of this flyby. It was...well, fast! 194 miles and something like 20 minutes -- including climb descent and landing! I think the en-route part of the flight was under 10 minutes. I had to do a few S turns to get her slow enough to land. Almost went down too early, not being familiar with the low speed performance. But, never fear, the baton is safe! Oh yeah! Here you go Chuck, the baton is in this old bag here.
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    I'll have to show my wife these JK. Fancy having he r name on an aircraft. Lol
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    Stunning shots, very realistic.
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    A beautiful set of screenshots Dolf. Thanks for sharing.
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    jk8975 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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    Dark secret deep strike, but nice shots anyway!
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    Well it was very secret operation! Thanks Mike for an interesting combination of vehicles! I have to say I enjoy pottering along as you did in your first. We press on, and thanks again Mike for transporting the baton to our next location. Cheers, Joe
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    jk8881 jk8883 jk8884 jk8886 jk8888
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    Trump! .......definitely abnormal!
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    Good to see you're enjoying it. I never asked, why this one?
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    love it, good looking aircraft.
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    I love this model and with JK's repaints, life is good!
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    Leg 9B Flight -04 March 2019 Terrell County (K6R6) to Real County Airport (K49R) I took off at 2102Z, and flew east at 3500 feet. There was an approximate 15 knot crosswind from the northeast, but it was fairly consistent, making navigation easy. During the first half of the flight, there was some gusting wind, which caused moderate buffeting of the cub, but otherwise the flight was uneventful. (Note: when checking the .KMZ file, I discovered the wind is listed as only 9 knots, so apparently I miscalculated it. The wet compass on the J3 is only marked in 5 degree increments, so even determining your heading requires a bit of estimation. This is one of the reasons I like A2A's cub-it really does give you a "seat of the pants" type experience). The overcast was at 4000 feet, as predicted and lifted higher as a got closer to Real County. When I got to Real County, I discovered there is a hill located at about the TPA for the left hand pattern for Runway 33. I should have probably just continued south for 2 miles, then turned north for a straight in approach to Runway 33. However, that plan was foiled by my real life dog, who clearly informed me that he needed his walk NOW. So I probably overstressed the airframe when cranking the J3 over to quickly land on Runway 33 (Note: if you look at the .kmz file, it looks like I missed the runway by 100 yards or so. I actually did hit it in the simulator). I had another mis-aligned airport on my scenery program, which caused some problems on approach. I'm going to have to play around with the program to see if I can resolve these alignment issues. The .kmz file for this flight is hosted on wetransfer.com. The link is below: https://we.tl/t-Foj6a1WAdb Image 1. 1nm SE of Dryden, TX 2111Z Image 2.5 nm W of Pumpville, TX 2122Z. 4000 foot overcast Image 3 13 m ESE of Nix River airfield 2208Z Image 4 Crossing US 377 2244Z Image 5 Crossing Nueces River 7nm N of Camp Wood, 2300Z
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