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    I flew my Test Flight just now and thought I would share what I did and what I saw! So the flight is straight forward, Southampton to London Gatwick in a straight line at 4,500 ft. Planning is still very important as we want to be in exactly the right direction and altitude when we overfly Southampton. I know to most of you this is just old hat but may give anyone new more confidence Don't forget to set your sim for clear weather (not real world as I did originally!) I'm flying the RealAir Beech B60 Duke in P3D with Orbx TrueEarth scenery. So here we go... Taxying to the active, nice clear weather today: Away with no problem, heading north(ish): My first waypoint ahead turn left at Winchester, I'm still climbing: First turn! Heading south near Romsey, level at 4,500ft: Almost west abeam the airfield, I'll be looking to intercept the 078 radial around about Totton: Making the turn now: Cockpit view: Established on 078 @ 4500, about 27.5 inches on the manifold - we're set up! Getting ready with the timer! Start timer, the SAM VOR is just below the aileron my port wing: Pompy (Portsmouth) in the distance: Petersfield, not far from the Midhurst (MID) VOR: Here's Dunsfold, which means we're not that far away: Setting up the outside camera with Gatwick looming ahead: Approaching 08, timer ready for action: About half way down the runway and the timer is stopped 15:47 not bad! (It took longer to write this report!) I turn towards Shoreham Airfield to park as neither Gatwick or Southampton are really GA friendly: All done. Good luck everyone in the Rally, I hope you enjoyed my post. Cheers Joe
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    i am impressed with your flight planning ... it's inspired me to do something other than take off and hope for the best ... although it's a great way to meet stuffed clouds (although why would you). Love the Beech, very pretty ... I was thinking of flying the D18S I have (doesn't have your sophisticated instruments) but decided on the the PBY Catalina which has even fewer and more basic instrumentation. Great job on planning the gig again Andrew ... and thank you ... happy landings y'all ....
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    Lovely sharp pictures James, and that draw distance is incredible!
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    Hi Andrew, Nice analysis of leg 1. I didn't expect someone/anyone to be doing sightseeing between sectors but after thinking about it looks like the way to go... (I might just try something like this for a change of pace...) Being the PIC I guess it is all okay as long as you get to the targets on the allotted time. Look forward to the rally every year. Keep'em flying... Gunk
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    Apologies for any confusion. Whilst the total distance is correct, the individual sector distances in the Navigation Instructions for Flight Leg 4 are incorrect. They should read: 58 nm, 38 nm, 37 nm, 80 nm, and 82 nm. The document has been amended and will be available on the MEBAR Downloads page later today. Regards Andrew
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    The program has been around for years, but became outdated with P3D, and other things. Well the developer put together a new site, including a forum - for this program. It's working now for 32 bit and updated and 2080x2080 layouts, He said he's looking at Q3 for a production on the 64bit 4086x4086. I bought a copy . heres the website. Using it on some P3Dv4 planes. Waiting for the Q3 changes as well. Sure beats having to work through the gyrations of all the copying,shutting/opening, etc. Cheers, Timber
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    jk9238 jk9230 jk9237
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    Stunning screenshot and livery, i have just downloaded it, Thank you.
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    Excessively concerned with minor details...you say pedantic, she who must be obeyed says I have a severe case of OCD
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    Domingos, Just to be sure, the route for the MEBARs are always created using standard default installs of FS9, FSX, and P3D. In the case of P3D, it is created using P3D Ver 3 and then checked against the current version of P3D Ver 4 which is a specific build on my main flight sim computer. So, I can confirm all airports, VORs, and NDBs should exist unless participants have add on scenery which alters or removes default install scenery. As Brian has correctly indicated, the PRV NDB is co-located with Aktion Airport (LGPZ), and Z11W is Komotini Airport. The following are the geographic coordinates for the PRV NDB and Z11W airport: PRV NDB - N38° 55' 00.00", E20° 46' 00.00"; and Z11W - N41° 5' 51.00", E25° 19' 09.00". Cheers Andrew
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    Hi Domingos, The PRV NDB is, I believe, Aktion Airport. and Z11W is Komotini Airport. If I'm wrong, Andrew will correct me. Good luck with MEBAR. regards Brian
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    Fantastic lighting!
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    That statement is a bit contentious these days Arnie.
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    MAgic shot, nice livery too, xp11?
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    Hi Mebar team and fellow pilots, following Toby, the second entry from Andras Meridian is joining. It's the second time for me and happy to join again. Many thx for your ongoing efforts to host this great event. Presenting the "sister" livery for my Mustang... Cheers Thorsten
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    Great captures there.
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