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  1. Love the invasion liveries!
  2. JUST FLIGHT PRESS RELEASE – 29th November 2019 ROBIN DR400 P3D/FSX OUT NOW – AT A LOW PRICE FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS! This all-new DR400 for P3D and FSX has been modelled by our in-house development team to the same exceptional quality as all the recent Just Flight aircraft, but we’re making it available to you at this permanent special low price by way of a seasonal thank you for all your support and your custom over the last few years. We hope you'll enjoy flying it and the X-Plane 11 edition should be available before Christmas! For P3D v1-v4 & FSX - ONLY £9.99 / €12.95 / $14.99 HD textures, exceptionally detailed modelling and PBR materials (P3D v4.4+) make Just Flight's new DR400 a true visual treat. Cockpit functionality is comprehensive and accurate, with IFR-capable avionics, interactive checklists and fuel and RPM gauge needle ‘wobble’ among the features. The DR400 comes in ten paint schemes and boasts custom-coded fuel and electrical systems, optional failures, authentic sounds, accurate flight dynamics and provision for Flight1 GTN and GNS integration. Buy Here: https://www.justflight.com/product/robin-dr400
  3. @dodgy-alan Please can you bear in mind we may have minors viewing Thanks, Joe
  4. mutley


    What a beauty!
  5. UK2000 Scenery announces the release of UK2000 Bristol 2019HD for Prepar3D, FSX and X-plane (X-plane version due mid December). UK2000 Scenery has gone 'HD' and 'PBR' (Not FSX version). We have been hard at work making a new workflow, textures and tools to ensure UK2000 scenery can continue to improve it's airport products. The goal was to increase texture resolutions and model details to take advantage of modern graphics card capabilities and new flights sim shaders. New and updated airports will be aimed at the latest Prepar3D and X-plane versions, but will continue to created FSX scenery for now (but may change). Bristol is the latest product made with this new system that includes realistic and accurate ground markings, detailed photo-real models and textures, details airport vehicle and 'clutter', P3DV4 Dynamic lighting, replacement runway and approach lighting system. The Scenery is compatible with default, Generation-X, FTX Global,FTX England and Orbx True Earth users.The Prepar3D version is compatible with V2,V3 and P3DV4.5 (PBR version). The installer takes care of which files to use for your particular sim. Price is just £18.48, one price for all 3 major sim types.For more details and screenshots, please see webpage Bristol 2019HD
  6. Very latest trailer as shown at the XO19 show in London this week.
  7. Love the close up shots
  8. mutley

    C-54 over NL

    Nice display J!
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