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  1. So I wonder what helpful information this lady was being given?
  2. These shots are so clear, great presentation
  3. Wow! They are awesome!
  4. That was sad Al, I was there, I haven't been to a show since.
  5. mutley

    Vic formation

    Looks like 249 Squadron are off to attack some incoming Schmitts! #4 is a superb shot, it just encompasses the bravery of the pilots climbing to meet the enemy.
  6. It was just too nice here in southern England today not to fly, so I took Sydney Camm's baby along the coast from Shoreham to Dover Thanks for watching, it's been a while since I last posted some shots
  7. mutley

    bit faster

    On patrol, forever vigilant! What program do you use for the recording of formations JK?
  8. Lovely set particularly the first couple
  9. mutley


    Excellent, I will get it in the morning, this has been on my list for months
  10. That cockpit looks huge, very realistic.
  11. mutley


    Is that the new Aeroplane Heaven model? I have been waiting for this one!
  12. Thanks for posting Michael, those lights looked great and must have been awesome in that cockpit.
  13. mutley

    P-40 Warhawk

    Always loved this aircraft, a nice shoe Jury!
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