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  1. Here you go and thanks for your interest MEBAR FILES.zip
  2. Ok leave it with with me Beejay and I'll get the missing files to you
  3. One thing to beware of is the airport locations and waypoints etc may have been been corrected in the new sim, previously we were all working with 20 year old data.
  4. Actually, I think you can get last year's files here https://mutleyshangar.com/mebar/downloads.html or do you want previous years?
  5. Hi Beejay, I got all the files, give me a couple of days and I will get the whole lot to you. Cheers, Joe
  6. Hi March, Sorry for the late reply. The Sim is not released until Aug 18 but you can pre order it, a couple of the crew are on the alpha/beta testing and can't say much because of the NDA but the preview videos talk a thousand words, it is a game changer. We have a topic going somewhere on latest news on MSFS2020. I will get a dedicated forum up and running towards the end of next week. Safe seas March! Joe
  7. These guys quote end of September https://www.aircraftmodelstore.co.uk/honeycomb-aeronautical-bravo-throttle-quadrant/ I guess nobody really knows
  8. Thanks Tim, It may also be worth considering Aerosoft as their (German) VAT is only 16% until the end of the year (2020) https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/throttles/2568/honeycomb-bravo-throttle-quadrant As a comparison, delivered, Scan is £251.49 and Aerosoft is £225.91 (at present exchange rates) so may be worth investigating again nearer to release date.
  9. Spot on Tim, I was anticipating that one
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