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  1. That screen shot has a real nice feel about it Chris
  2. Hi there DJ! Nice to meet you too! Yes, the ORBX EGHI scenery is superb, I worked there for a couple of years and the building are quite accurate. So I'm looking forward to your next video, I have subscribed to your channel., keep up the great work. Buena salud! Joe
  3. Excellent work Agent Needles and superb work on the livery, I wouldn't mind a copy of that! Thanks for cleaning the baton up too, it did have a waft of meerkat about it. We can chat later in my bunker.
  4. Good job you remembered the skis, nice shots Jury
  5. mutley

    a big marine

    Yey! I've just this minute finished a flight in the Boxcar! Looking forward to this livery's release
  6. Needles, I installed V4.4 today, all I had to do was download the Active Sky 4.4 patch, every thing else worked fine, I didn't do a complete uninstall/ re-install, just the three components one by one.
  7. Yeah I know, I have it! I did the other JF Vulcan teaser and promo videos.. lol!
  8. Brings back memories of our hot summer!
  9. It's 100% better with the sound turned down, had it had flown out of Southampton I don't think I would have heard it over the music! Some nice editing though
  10. mutley

    QW RJ100

    Like being at the cinema! Love that first shot.
  11. Thanks for the update Wayne, I am tempted now