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  1. mutley

    Starting Again

    Hey Luke, Great to see you back. Your PC spec would probably be considered low end now for P3D and complex aircraft, but good enough to get a taste of what is possible. Let us know what you are planning and we'll try and chip in with some help. Cheers, Joe
  2. OK, no response from Paul, so try this one if you dare! (Yes it is Richard Branson)
  3. Rainbows? I want rainbows! Good friend of the Hangar Pete Wright (Frooglesim) has published a video of his recent visit to Microsoft to talk to the developers about MSFS 2020, included is some video which will blow your mind! Enough.. let's watch.. Please support Pete by subscribing to his channel
  4. mutley

    AVRO 621

    I just love radial biplanes!
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