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  1. mutley

    Trueearth XP11

    About time James, save a few traffic jams back on the way to Blighty
  2. Yey, that is a perfect fit, well done for spelling Albuquerque, I can't even say it!
  3. mutley

    Some XP11 GA

    I saw you Lucy when I was talking to Ben at Chillblast, but never came across you again, I think I was just too engrossed in the stands.
  4. Wow a lot going on in those shots, nice work on the livery James.
  5. mutley

    Some XP11 GA

    I never came up for air! It was good this time to be a visitor rather than an exhibitor as I managed to get around all the stands and chat to the devs, last year I couldn't get away from the stand for a comfort break!
  6. mutley

    Trueearth XP11

    Ha! I did a similar trip yesterday from Exeter up the M5 and left over the bridge to Swansea, so I recognise most of those places, great shots I was very disappointed when I went back to P3D for a flight from Bournemouth in FTX England, it really does look awful in comparison. Like Brian said, I'm looking forward to seeing what it is going to look like in P3D.
  7. Nice post Brian, I had a feeling you might go back as we never looked around, and of course it is free which must appeal to you as a Yorkshire man
  8. That's cool, a far better view
  9. I have the P3D version and it doesn't look quite as good as this, but should the Twin Towers still be there in Downtown in tthe distance? (or have I got that wrong?)
  10. mutley

    Some XP11 GA

    Didn't realise you were at Cosford Wain
  11. Yep, do that before you install, the blue update reminder should be auctioned first
  12. mutley

    Some XP11 GA

    Imagine what the Highlands is going to look like!
  13. mutley

    Some XP11 GA

    I wanted to start exploring Orbx's TrueEarth for X-Plane 11, so here are a few shots from Shoreham to Southampton. Still not impressed with the flight models but the scenery is jaw dropping. With the underlying photoscenery I flew IFR (I follow roads) west along the south coast to my home airport. I flew over my house, admittedly it wasn't individually modelled but the park at the end of my roads showed the bowling green and some buildings, even more impressive was flying over a local farm strip. Happy days! Here are a few shots, I have afeeling more will show as I explore this scenery more!