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  1. Latest update including development roadmap, please note the images below are courtesy of Microsoft Studios https://www.flightsimulator.com/insider-home/ Visit the site to see some more video action like this.
  2. OK, no response from Martin so it is open to any member to post a new one
  3. So, should we expect a SP 3 including the FSX:SE improvements and more? Or does the development remain on hold in favour of MS 2020? I think I can guess the answer.
  4. Latest... In 2014 Microsoft entered into an agreement allowing Dovetail Games to bring Flight Simulator X to Steam. Today, we are announcing that we’ve reached the end of our partnership agreement. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Dovetail Games for the partnership they’ve provided over the past 5 years. Going forward, Microsoft will take over support of Flight Simulator X and we look forward to sharing our next steps with the community in the very near future. Paul Jackson CEO Dovetail adds “We are incredibly proud to have looked after this fantastic flight sim during the last 5 years and we will continue publishing existing and new add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition on Steam”. This change will not impact your game experience or impact existing or future add-ons purchased from Steam. Microsoft The return of Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an important step in embracing our accountability and responsibility to those that have come before us. And to those that continue to value and invest in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X experience. That passion, investment, and appreciation must be recognized and reflected in our commitment to carry the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise into the next generation. We are not building on, but building from, the product and history that is Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Today, with a bit of bittersweet sentiment, we say “Welcome Home” to an old friend. More on our FSX plans coming soon… Sincerely, The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team
  5. Great shot, the scenery looks really good.
  6. Wow, just superb
  7. mutley


    Thanks for sharing, they make some fabulous scenery for NZ
  8. Nice shot Jim, she looks a little stunted to me
  9. One of the most scenic locations released, I love the action with all the other aircraft around as well.
  10. A fine looking aircraft, I really enjoy flying this one
  11. A very comprehensive collection Al!
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