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  1. Great pic, good luck!
  2. Just as an update to all, there is a new PIREP form which uses Google forms and so far, appears to be working without any problems, so where possible, please use the new form. Cheers, Joe
  3. Great feedback Mike, your shots are looking real good!
  4. Dear pilots, This year we have experienced a lot of problems with form submissions not being received at MEBAR Central. We were forced to implement a last minute rewrite of the form as last year's forms would not work with our latest website scripting language. It appears that Internet Explorer takes exceptions with running PHP scripts without modifications to the web browser security settings. Therefore, I have substituted the form on the page for a link to Google forms which will ask for the same information. The Google form will remain in place for the 2019 Rally, I hope to find a new solution for MEBAR 2020 which is more personal. Thanks all for your patience, and I look forward to receiving your PIREPs. Regards, Joe On behalf of the Rally organising Committee.
  5. Thanks Jury, very evocative shots. We will remember them.
  6. mutley

    A-26 Invader

    Thanks for your service Wayne, totally in awe that you flew this in the real world. Joe
  7. Terry, to be on the safe side then yes please email them too. Thanks Joe
  8. Hi Neil Hit the V key in the sim and that will save the image in your documents / P3D folder. Then upload them to an image host, get a url link from there and paste that link into your post and it should show. I am sure there is a post about it in the forums? Cheers, Joe
  9. Terry, Apologies for the problem with the forms, we have had a couple of pilots reporting problems but the majority have had no problems. Please don't worry about the closing date, we know you have had a problem so we will offer you an extension. Please can you send your entry via our email address rally@mutleyshangar.com including all the information required on the form, same goes for the PIREP. All the best, Joe, On behalf of the Rally Organising Committee
  10. Steve, don't worry we are very lenient / flexible with PIREPS
  11. Wow! there's a blast from the past!! Thanks for the update Ken.
  12. Brilliant! Have a great rally Wayne
  13. I love the idea of flying as a group, thanks for sharing.
  14. @Steve, also read below what we sent the other pilot, it may help?
  15. Hey Steve, You should be able to change the aircraft, but we did have another piolt with a similar problem. Try downloading the attached replacement .flt files which have the Piper Cub set as the default, that should get you to the place where you change it to your desired aircraft. Cheers, Joe On behalf of the Rally Committee MEBAR 2019 - Flight- Replacement set.zip
  16. OK thanks JG. Here's a picture of my personal transport.. captions please!
  17. Good work J G, a thrilling flight indeed. And thanks for all your fantastic contributions to the ATWC 7! Cheers Joe PS can I have my credit card back?!
  18. Lovely sharp pictures James, and that draw distance is incredible!
  19. Nice to see how it's done Andrew, I like the idea of using real world weather, how did you know what the weather was going to be like next week? You should enter the lotto this weekend!
  20. Nicely done, thanks for sharing!
  21. My favourite at the moment, the RealAir B60 Duke (Piston). I also happen to be flying a route from Iceland to South America in her, presently in the Caribbean
  22. Hi Domingos, I can't look now but will get back to you in the morning, unless Andrew answers over night. Felicidades! Joe
  23. To test out my P3D v4.5 installation I took the Stearman up for a late jaunt. View the video at the end to see the final moments before landing, the (flashing) shadows are quite mesmerising as we loose the sun through the trees! Thanks for watching! Joe
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