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  1. One late entry I did add a touch of blur.
  2. My third and final entry. Flying for Air Mokum VA, operating AM2027 from EHAM to FAJS. Here we are on short final RWY 03L into Johannesburg. Thanks Good luck, some good entries in on this round.
  3. Heres my first 2 entries into January competition. Project Airbus - Jetblue Airways on short final for RWY 09 at TNCM. (Vortexing is unedited and part of the PA model) Air France 747-400 roars out of LFPG enroute to Atlanta Hartsfield Intl Thanks Good luck everyone, some good entries already on here! :smile:
  4. Looks like another great competition and some good entries. I'll see what i can muster up, in fact im doing the online VATSIM event into Lapland tomorrow! Might be some good chances of some wintery scenes :clap:
  5. Thanks for all the congrats, im very grateful to win. Overall a great competition and i am surprised to win to be honest. tomA320 - Its barely edited, hardly touched it infact. But goodluck to everyone in future competitions.
  6. Third and final entry. Springbok 220 arriving at dusk into London Heathrow from Cape Town. You can already make out 2 other SAA A340s at T2, as well as T1, and in the distance T3. Thanks
  7. Just before the early morning rush at Frankfurt/Main Intl. It sure is a sight at this time of day! :shock: AND Singapore Star Alliance at Heathrow T3 amogst many other "heavy" tails. A classic shot of Terminal 3. Thanks guys
  8. Great shot and well done for winning! :mrhappy:
  9. 2nd entry Boeing 767-300ER Thomsonfly on final to EGKK Thanks
  10. I would love to fly a leg or two. After seeing the last ATWC and not actually participating, it would be a pleasure to do so this time round. :mrhappy: Thanks
  11. Hi heres one entry from me I have used some motion blur on this photo. Thanks
  12. VFR through the Swiss Alps Switzerland Pro Scenery Ta
  13. The 'Gloster Gladiator Mk II EBA' over the scenic region of Gran Canaria Thanks Davey
  14. First post on a great forum for me! :clap: Iberia A340-600 landing in Washington Dulles Intl from Madrid Barajas... MINOR editing (crop, contrast / brightness, touch of blur on the background object) Thanks guys
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