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  1. jaydor

    Just three

    Great set, those clouds look threatening....
  2. My Global Cargo 747 shows up nice. World Traffic 3 also in operation..
  3. jaydor

    Trueearth XP11

    You should have waited for December the 17th to cross the bridge as all the tolls are abolished on that day...
  4. jaydor

    Trueearth XP11

    Time is a teacher, that eventually claim's the lives of all it's students. I loved ORBX in FSX and spent hundreds of pounds on it. Had all their offerings. Then I had to make the decision P3D or X-Plane. I took the chance and went XP, but the habits of FSX did not bode well in the new sim. So it was a new learning curve all over again. I still ventured back into FSX for awhile until the confidence and the difference started keeping me longer and longer in XP. Then the day arrived when I no longer wanted FSX. I had learned quickly how much the immersion in XP was superior to FSX, photoscenery showed better and all the add on's were half the price of FSX. So again have spent hundreds at the .org and learnt to do my own photoscenery, I have covered 90% of the USA so far with Europe next. But now the added bonus of ORBX developing for XP is the icing on the cake for me. Glad they are allowing 40% off for ex FSXer's.
  5. I have not released them yet, but send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will send them to you by We Transfer...
  6. At Los Angeles cargo pens: Being fed: 6 Aircraft in the sky with this shot, 3 going and 3 arriving: Soon to be away:
  7. It'not a study level yet, the guy making it keeps improving it with updates. Not as good as the iFly or PMDG. But flyable with a full working FMC
  8. Fraid you got it wrong, they are the new tower's. The one on the left is up, but I am not sure if the one with the diamonds has been shelved..
  9. Also done a original Global colour with a different registration and named "Spirit of Commerce":
  10. Out of 7R @KPHX "Spirit of Enterprise": : Climbing on course for FL330 to KLAX: At cruising altitude FL330: Crossing the threshold of 25R @KLAX: All shut down at the cargo pens:
  11. A complete change to a more modern colour:
  12. Still working on it, the blue is too dark..
  13. The FTX story begins all over again. Thank's for the heads up.