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  1. It was released @2300 and I was downloaded and completely installed by 0035. The Tyne bridges at Newcastle:
  2. Will keep my eye's peeled... Thanks
  3. I think they are trying for this weekend.. 8/9th
  4. EHAM - EGFF using ORBX TEGB South: Pushback at EHAM: Approaching 24: Just crossed the English coast at Southend: Over London, Hyde Park bottom left. Wembley Stadium under aircraft, Heathrow top centre: First glimpse of the Bristol channel from above Wiltshire: Bristol Airport below: On final into 30 at CDF: Almost touchdown: Heading for gate 9: Thank you for flying Trans European, we hope you enjoyed your flight.
  5. Check out that shadow at Dublin: Amsterdam: X-Plane, don't you just love it...
  6. jaydor

    QW RJ100

    Great to see that plane it was my favourite in FSX..
  7. Yes, it's all part of the download..
  8. Now available for download: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48825-boeing-737-800-trans-european-ec-wjl/
  9. [Fiction] This is the story line. The Board at the IAG (Iberia + British Airways + Air Nostrum) International Airline Group, have decided to enter the low fare market and compete against the like of Ryanair, Easyjet, WOW etc,. So they have purchased 19 Boeing 737-800 fitted with LEAP engines and Scimitar's to inaugurate the service. The service will be operated in it's own name but come under Air Nostrum for operation and cost's. (European tax advantage) The name of the Airline is Trans European, and carries it's own new branding, including advertising branding for extra revenue. The airline for Simmers, will be any Euro route you chose. Green cockpit interior lighting.
  10. Good job those red and green are the right way in #1, or you would be filing a near miss. Great set though. No I am not going P3D Wayne, even with those teaser's...
  11. Excellent set, hope my goodies are aboard...
  12. Iberia Regional at Barcelona with WT3: Note the LEAP engines fitted. Although Iberia do not have the 737 simmers licence allows it to be done for X Plane...
  13. I had to turn the heating up to view those shots...
  14. I have already got Orbx Barton and Aerosoft Manchester in anticipation.