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    It has been reported that they have little patience with those who do not unconditionally embrace MS Flight. John I see it all the time. It really doesn't make any sense. For instance, People bash X-Plane constantly over there and it's ok, But when someone says something even slightly critical of MS Flight, They get all bent out of shape. I feel like this MS Flight thing is silly, And even more silly is a website that is supposed to be dedicated to "flight simulation" enthusiasts, Defending a flying "game". And just plain ridiculous is the fact that flight simmers who are unhappy with the product for whatever the reason may be are basically told to shut-up or get out by so-called "administrators". What is the point of a forum again? Not completely sure, But I think forums are for people to have positive conversation about a product as well as post their opinions, criticisms, and complaints. I may be wrong though. Sorry for the rant guys, Can't exactly express this opinion over there, Unless I want my account banned of course.
  2. Thanks Jim! Yeah I think I will take the plunge this coming week. I read more on it and it sounds really cool.
  3. Hey Gunner, By "AH" you mean "Air Hauler" right? I have been thinking about getting that, I have heard nothing but good things about it.
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