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  1. Think we are all guilty of that, at some time or other.
  2. Two drunks visit a brothel. The Madam takes a look at them and says to the girls, "Get 2 inflatable dolls, these guys are too drunk to notice". During the walk home one guy says to the other, "I think my girl was dead, she never moved or made a sound". The second guy says, "well I think my girl was a witch". "Why do you think that", asked the first guy. "Well, I bit her on the arse and then she flew out the window".
  3. It Takes a Worried Man..... a British TV sitcom. Broadcast from October 1981 to November 1983.
  4. Excessively concerned with minor details...you say pedantic, she who must be obeyed says I have a severe case of OCD
  5. Oh all right Brian, men & women are.... then. Argumentative.
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