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  1. ......... Generalized Regression Analysis and Spatial Prediction .
  2. Before making any financial outlay, why not try https://www.nl-2000.com/ It's free and will give you some idea as to the suitability of the ORBX product. Both with your Addons and machine. It has been around for many years. Not quite as detailed as the ORBX product; but will give you some idea as to the suitability of what you would like to purchase. It also includes many Airports. I have an earlier version stored away but no longer fly it. I found the Netherlands just too flat for my personal taste, as an avid Bush flyer. Just have to have those mountains...or big hills at the very least.
  3. The Pryory Priory, mental health care facility.
  4. Think I will add another question mark to that Brian.
  5. "Beanz Meanz Heinz". Remember that line from TV commercials ?
  6. A rather well known German-style brew.
  7. The best show to come across the pond. IMHO.