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  1. I see Just Flight are offering MSFS 2020 for sale by pre-order (3 variations £60, £80 and £110). Available in August. Any takers? Alas, I am still running a 4770K on a Z87 board, all be it with a 2080 super card. Min processor it seems is an i5 8400. Think I shall be leaving it for now. At least until I do a rebuild. Which I don't think is going to be anytime soon, given the uncertain times ahead.
  2. Carry around 10x2L bottles of Diet Coke Brian. Now, Bacardi, well thats another story Convenience.
  3. Patron Silver Tequila, ONLY £105.00 per 175cl bottle....
  4. Used to have a Penny Black simile when I was at school.
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