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  1. German Submarine U-104 sunk by a mine off the north coast of Ireland 28th Nov 1940.
  2. You may well be right Alan. My neighbour never has a good word to say about anything or anyone....a real moaning b*****d. Now, where were we, oh yes with a flick of the wrist.....
  3. There is a Swedish Rock Band with the same name...Ghost, formed in 2006.
  4. Minted from 1860 to 1956 and made of Bronze. 960 of them to the £1 !!
  5. Neighbour just come back from Bulgaria. Food terrible and full of Russians it seems.
  6. Anyone remember B M C Carparts ? For the like of MG, Triumph and Austin etc.
  7. Burning Bright, a 2010 horror-thriller.
  8. The Iron Lung for early Polio victims. A thing of the past, i'm pleased to say.
  9. New a Bingo Caller some years ago, who got the sack from Mecca. When the number 69 came up, he announced "A meal for two, with a hairy view"
  10. A very fine Loo cleaner dating back to the 1920's
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